ESSLEEuropean Summer Symposium in Labour Economics
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Oaxaca, Andrew Oswald, Torsten Persson, Emmanuel Saez, James Sullivan, Tim Smeeding, as well as seminar and conference participants in Bari (ECINEQ), Bonn (IZA), Buch (ESSLE), Cambridge (NBER SI), Canazei (IT8), Chicago (SOLE), Dublin (IMA, ESRI), Gottingen (VfS), Oslo, Providence (NTA), and Zurich (EPCS) for helpful comments and suggestions.
(Our Essle, we wish that we could see you, if only for a while, we wish that we could hug you, and see your lovely smile, but wishing gets you nowhere, and longing is in vain, so we'll hold you in our hearts until we meet again.) -Tommy, Sharon, Stevie, Maisie and Thomas.
Santos, and participants in seminars at Bocconi, Cergy-Pontoise, ECB, ESSLE 2008, GREQAM, Leicester, Lyon, Montreal, and Paris School of Economics for helpful discussions on earlier drafts of the paper.