ESSTIEuropean Surveillance of Sexually Transmitted Infections
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European network for surveillance of STIs (ESSTI) establishes working groups on lymphogranuloma venereum and HIV/STI prevention among MSM.
Speaking about the project, Carlos Fernandez de la PeEa, COO of HEAD, commented: "ESSTI will operate the ground station to direct receive the Chinese satellite data including the Superview constellation with four on-orbit optical satellites at 50cm resolution, the Gao Fen (GF) series and CBERS satellites.
Kammy Brun-Chan, Head of Global Business Development, added: "We are pleased to provide ESSTI the first commercial EO ground station to receive Superview and Gao Fen data in the Sub-Saharan Africa area.
A cross-sectional survey was conducted from October 2005 through February 2006 among the countries participating in ESSTI and in Switzerland.
The first section was dedicated to the alert and initial response to LGV and included 8 questions about actions taken after the ESSTI alert, risk assessment, and occurrence of cases.
To create awareness, a message was sent through the Early Warning and Reporting System of the European Union and through the ESSTI. Since then, LGV cases have been identified in several European countries, the United States (9), and Canada (10).
After the ESSTI alert in January 2004, timely national alert and response systems were set up by 11 of the 18 responding countries.
The ESSTI alert prompted these countries to take action to identify cases early, improve the management of cases, and assess the size of the outbreak.