ESSWE-Services and the Semantic Web
ESSWEarth System Science Workbench (data management infrastructure)
ESSWShirley M. Ehrenkranz School of Social Work (New York University; New York, NY)
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The SWSE, which is provided in Table 1, is the combination of these two sets of items: items 1-19 from the ESSW faculty, and items 20-52 from the PSI.
Next, for the second (shaded) row, think back to when you started at ESSW and circle the number that best describes how confident you would have been THEN if you knew what you know now about that task.
On the items developed from the suggestions provided by ESSW area chairpersons, students were less confident (M=64.
4) about the ESSW items than they were regarding the O'Hare and Collins' items (M=68.
As can be seen in Table 3, the smaller group for which we had pretest and posttest data (first three columns titled pretest mean, posttest mean, and thentest mean) experienced statistically significant increases in social work self-efficacy during their education at ESSW.
This shows the trajectory of the ESSW waters transported by ITEs after interacting with the RC-SC islands and adjacent seamounts.
2006; Johnson & McTaggart, 2010), which in the southeastern Pacific Ocean are associated with ESSW, they should play an important role in the transport of nutrients to oligotrophic waters, as has been observed for mesoscale eddies in other eastern boundary systems (e.
5), which would act as an injection mechanism of nutrients from ESSW necessary to generate increases in phytoplankton around the islands, was observed.