ESTATExploratory Spatio-Temporal Analysis Toolkit (open-source software; epidemiology)
ESTATEuropean Surface-to-Air Tactics Analysis Team
ESTATExecution Status and Monitoring (Theater Battle Management Core System)
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Aquest desplacament tambe es evident a Indicis de profunditat (2016), un basto recolzat a la paret que ha estat segmentat per la pintura (tambe amb blau de Prussia i pintura de marcatge), i en els llistons de fusta intervinguts de l'obra 101 (2016) o els de l'Accio 3.
The new Acqua Iguazu tower is collaboration with internationally acclaimed interior design brand "yoo inspired by Starck," which is founded by French designer Philippe Starck and British real estat entrepreneur John Hitchcox.
Eoe1/4EoThe biggest weakness weEoe1/4aove seen in Dubai is real estat so those firms are having the biggest drag on the market right now.Eoe1/4A[yen]
Capability: The educational versions of the 2-D programs EStat and PerMag have the capabilities of the full applications, but are limited to 12,500 nodes and eight material regions.
ESTAT Eagents have called on the Government to allow homeowners to continue to put their property on the market before they have compiled a home information pack.
ESTAT Eagents are urging buyers and sellers to get cracking and agree deals early this year - to avoid more bureaucracy in the shape of Home Information Packs (HIPs) which hit the housing market by law on June 1.
While DGs COMP, EMPL and REGIO are "good examples particularly worthy of note", so are DGs ECFIN, ESTAT, INFSO, MARKT and TREN, "which have a higher male appointment level in category A but have a proactive equal opportunities policy".
Heading up the firm's real estate department is Paul Olson, a board-certified real estat e attorney with 19 years of experience.
For instance, although the general outlines of the shift from Middle English "estat," meaning "standing" or condition," to a narrower Modern English sense that refers to ownership of property will be familiar to most scholars, Knapp traces this change in relation to medieval estates theory, the Protestant Reformation, and through complex uses of the word by authors who play on its ambiguous and shifting meanings.
Prices are expected to be around pounds 29,000 for the saloon and pounds 30,000 for the estat.
The impact of Gerald Brenan's South of Granada seems obvious in lines such as "Aquest estat de coses / arab la Madeleine / va tenir un final sobtat," which in Brenan is "My 'noviazgo' / with Carmen / came to an end in an abrupt and painful manner." Such borrowings, however, do not detract from the originality of this fine early novel by Pedrolo.