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A turn in the meditation on the "blessyd Jhesus" atonement asserts the "poore synner's" dignity in theological terms: it putte before thyn eyen th ryght hye pryce of thy redempcyon to the ende that thou mayste knowe the dygnyte and noblesse of the soule & soo esteme not thy soule to be a lyttle thynge ...
Of you I say onely upholder of my lyfe, I onely seke to be assuerit, Ye, and date presume so much of my selfe, To win you in spite of all enuy: For that is the onely desire of your deir loue, To serue and loue you truely, And to esteme all wan hap lesse then nathing, And to follow your wyll wyth myne, You shall knaw wyth obedience, Not forgetting the knawlege of my leal deuty, The quhilke I shall study to the fine that I may euer please you, Louying nothyng but you, in the subiectioun Of quhome I wyll, without any fictioun, Liue and die, and this I consent.
than make them your companions.- I do not wish to insinuate that you should be haughty- on the contrary-affability with them at times, may get You esteme, while the observance of a proper distance, will command respect, and procure from them ready obedience to you orders.