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ESTHEsther (Old Testament)
ESTHEnvironment, Science, Technology and Health
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When Haman wanted to fix the day for the genocide of the Persian Jews, he came to a decision by having lots cast (Esth 3:7).
If you are interested in pursuing a science policy assignment, have questions about an ESTH specialty or want to connect with other Department of State women in science diplomacy, please contact the author at
Pour Eisenstein, la forme et le contenu r?volutionnaires doivent aller de pair: on ne saurait cr?er une oeuvre r?volutionnaire au moyen d'une esth?tique bourgeoise, capitaliste d?cadente et archa?que.
"By eliminating stove piping, my colleagues on the team tapped into my ESTH expertise while I benefitted enormously from their insights and competencies on homeland security and consular issues," Siddiqui explained.
These activities demonstrate the nexus of diplomacy and conservation work done by the Department's regional Environment, Science, Technology, and Health (ESTH) hubs.
It is out of deference to the Divine anger and forgiveness narrative in Exodus 32-34, and in keeping with its own vocabulary of parody, that the Scroll of Esther avoids the word af when describing the king's anger and also that of other characters, for whom the term katzaf is used instead (Esth. 2:21).
By Andrew Shepard, environment, science, technology, and health (ESTH) officer at Embassy Hanoi
(24[begin strikethrough]7[end strikethrough].) The Book of Esther suggests that a mass conversion may have occurred in response to Mordecai[begin strikethrough]'[end strikethrough]'s letter, written and sealed under the authority of King Ahasuerus, permitting [begin strikethrough]the[end strikethrough] Jews throughout Persia's vast provinces and cities to use deadly force to defend themselves from any sort of attack (Esth. 8:7-14).
Recently, the Regional Environmental, Science & Technology, and Health (ESTH) hub office for Central and Eastern Europe, based in U.S.
Embassy Santiago's Environment, Science, Technology, and Health (ESTH) team promotes U.S.-Chilean cooperation on scientific and environmental issues.
In 2013, the environment, science, technology and health (ESTH) section submitted 140 Facebook posts, making it the strongest contributor to Embassy Mexico's social media feeds over the last year.