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Rosenberg & Estis has been a tenant at the Durst property since 1993, when they first signed a lease for the 14th floor.
Jeanine Floyd joined Rosenberg & Estis in 2007 as an associate with the firm's Litigation Department.
Nicosia, of counsel; and Daniel Grobman, associate, of Rosenberg & Estis represented KUB Capital in the transaction.
Orenstein joined Rosenberg & Estis in 2005 and became a member in the firm's Transactional Department in 2012.
Barrack, managing member with Rosenberg & Estis.
Dani Schwartz joined Rosenberg & Estis in 2008.
Estis, Rosenberg & Estis and lead counsel for the Riese Organization: "Eminent Domain Procedure Law specifically protects property owners such as the Riese Organization from losses related to undervaluation in a condemnation proceeding, and we are pleased that the court confirmed this."
Rosenberg, managing partner of Rosenberg & Estis. "The Court held that any corporate tenant whose lease does not designate a specific, named individual as the occupant can be evicted," Rosenberg said.
"The Court conceded that the State has a legitimate interest in protecting tenants," said Jeffrey Turkel, an attorney with Rosenberg & Estis who also represented the Manocherian family in this case.
The real estate litigation firm of Rosenberg & Estis, representing Feldman, demonstrated that Feldman was correct.
The owner retained Rosenberg & Estis, P.C., a Manhattan law firm specializing in real estate matters, to appeal the decision.
then retained Rosenberg & Estis, P.C., a Manhattan real estate law firm, to challenge the penalty.