ESVIEnd-Systolic Volume Index
ESVIÉtoile Sportive du Val d'Issole (French sports club)
ESVIÉveil Sportif du Val de l'indre (French sports club)
ESVIEducational Services for the Visually Impaired (Sherwood, AR)
ESVIEducation of Students with Vision Impairment (Australia)
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There was significant (P<0.05) reduction in EDVI but no significant effect on ESVI in the HCM cases (Table 2).
Before surgery, all the patients in both the dyskinetic and akinetic groups developed a spherical enlarged LV and diminished LV function: ACI, EDVI, and ESVI were larger than normal values, and EF was smaller than normal value.
In the dyskinetic group, EDVI decreased from preoperative 115 [+ or -] 23 to 55 [+ or -] 10 ml/m [sup]2 ( t = 11.325, P = 0.000), and ESVI decreased from 80 [+ or -] 20 to 30 [+ or -] 6 ml/m [sup]2 ( t = 11.759, P = 0.000).