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Clinical evaluation of the walk-away specimen processor and ESwab for recovery of Streptococcus agalactiae isolates in prenatal screening specimens.
The purposes of this multi-site study were to: determine if screening the throat increases the detection rate of MRSA colonisation; to determine the performance of the Roche LightCycler MRSA advanced test in the detection of MRSA in comparison to routine culture on selective chromogenic agar (BD BBL CHROMagar II); and, to determine MRSA isolation rates from swabs transported in semi-solid media (Copan Venturi Transystem) and liquid-based media (Copan ESwab).
Nasal specimens were collected using two swab types: (i) Venturi Transystem rayon-tipped swab with Amies gel transport media (Copan, Italy), and (ii) Elution Swab (ESwab), a nylon-tipped flocked swab with 1mL of liquid Amies transport media (Copan, Italy).
Nasal and throat ESwab swab specimens were tested by the Roche LC MRSA advanced PCR test, and the results were compared to those obtained by direct culture on BD BBL CHROMagar II MRSA medium (Fort Richard, Auckland) and broth-enriched culture containing 6.5% NaCl (salt/enrichment broth, Fort Richard, Auckland) followed by culture on BD BBL CHROMagar II MRSA media (referred to as CHROMagar from here on in).
The ESwab heads were then processed using the LC PCR test.
Subsequently, the Venturi Transystem swab head and a 0.5 mL aliquot of the Liquid Amies transport media from each ESwab were individually inoculated into a vial containing 1mL 6.5% salt broth.
From the seven MRSA culture positive volunteers, one tested positive using the ESwab that was missed using the Venturi swab.
The present study suggests that the ESwab had a superior ability to maintain MRSA viability when compared to the Venturi counterpart.
In the laboratory, the ESwab was much easier to manipulate than the Venturi swab due to the liquid media which allows the ability for multiple tests to be performed by using aliquots of the liquid media.
Because of this, the release capability of the ESwab system was impossible to evaluate.
Maker of Flocked Swabs, ESwab, and WASP: Walk-Away Specimen Processor