ESWDElectronic Software Delivery (Nortel)
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To do so, ESSL approaches people who report through the public ESWD web interface and advertises the benefits of ESSL membership to the weather services of southern and eastern European countries.
We thank ESWD technical developer Zhongjian Liang and user support manager Thomas Schreiner.
Holzer, 2009: Overview of ESSL's severe convective storms research using the European Severe Weather Database ESWD.
Density of severe weather reports in ESWD as of Nov 2016.
The ESWD does not use a consistent approach to damage data collection because the damages have been collected by multiple agencies and users.
In the ESWD, the damages are estimated for property damage, crop and forest damage, and total damage (property, crop, forest, and other types of damages).
1) All the damages for which estimates were included in ESWD have been converted to euros using two online resources (i.
Tornado reports for Europe covering the period 1950-2015 were obtained from the ESWD developed and maintained by the European Severe Storms Laboratory (Groenemeijer and Kiihne 2014).