ESWSEuropean Semantic Web Symposium
ESWSEnlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
ESWSEastern Social Welfare Society (adoption organization; Seoul, South Korea)
ESWSEast Side West Side
ESWSEnd-Systolic Meridional Wall Stress (cardiology)
ESWSEducation Social Work Service (UK)
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ESWS Penetration Rates by Application and Scenario, World Markets: 2013-2023
Installed Revenue of Energy Storage for ESWS by Region, Base Scenario, World Markets: 2013-2023
According to Randle, Tarawa Sailors averaged about two months of preparation and study before going in front of the ESWS and EAWS review boards.
It's a tremendous milestone to achieve for each Sailor," said fire control officer LTJG Andrew Schimenti, who had several Sailors preparing for their ESWS pins.
Studying for ESWS starts as soon as a new Sailor checks on board.
We give ESWS walk-arounds on the ship during (indoctrination)," explains ESWS coordinator Senior Chief Electronic Warfare Technician (SW/AW) Hayden Jones.
Although personnel turn over very quickly when assigned to 12 or 18 month tours, since October 2003, twenty-four Concord personnel have qualified to wear their ESWS pin.
The ESWS training program, spearheaded by Senior Chief Storekeeper (SW/AW) Anthony Clemons and Chief Operations Specialist (SW) Stephen Kimball, requires Concord officers and Sailors to obtain their warfare designation four months after reporting aboard.
I think that receiving your ESWS pin in less than six months means that your command is highly dedicated to supporting warfare training and qualification.
Earning the ESWS pennant is no small chore for any crew.
The Ramage ESWS program is designed to enhance the Sailor's understanding of Ramage's systems and mission by maximizing their exposure to all shipboard systems, spaces and equipment while providing the most conducive atmosphere in which motivated Sailors can excel.
Since Oscar Austin's commissioning in August 2000, nearly 75 percent of her Sailors have qualified in ESWS and more are just a few signatures away from the end of a grueling, but rewarding qualification.