ESWSEuropean Semantic Web Symposium
ESWSEnlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
ESWSEducation Social Work Service (UK)
ESWSEastern Social Welfare Society (adoption organization; Seoul, South Korea)
ESWSEast Side West Side
ESWSEnd-Systolic Meridional Wall Stress (cardiology)
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An electroshock weapon (ESW) [1] provides a high-voltage (up to 5 kV or more, depending on the ESW model, into an open circuit), low-current (< 2 A into an electrical load of about 500 Q) output that can incapacitate a human target.
In Christoph Bussler, John Davis, Dieter Fensel, and Rudi Studer, editors, Proceedings of the 1st ESWS, volume 3053 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp: 76-91, Heraklion, Greece, MAY 2004.
If there are no outstanding issues, details are recorded and sent to the education social workers (ESW).
We prepared ESWs of all the species at the same egg/seawater ratio and the same extraction time in order to obtain comparable concentrations of SAAFs.
In the words of Sir Frederick Milne, President of the ESWS, shell-shocked men were 'a class the government had done the least for'.
During her time with the ESWS, Lesley worked closely with children, families and community professionals from all over Sunderland.
Viv Sales, an ESWS manager for north Warwickshire, said: 'Poor school attendance will continue to have repercussions for a young person throughout their life in terms of their personal and educational achievements and also in terms of their employment prospects.' The crackdown may be extended depending on its success.
The questionnaire included the Ellison Spiritual Well-being Scale (ESWS), as well as questions about physicians' attitudes toward spirituality and the barriers to and frequency of discussions of spiritual issues with patients.
13, opening a command post office March 4, and providing the opportunity for Logistics Specialist Seaman Glenn Daniels to train and earn both his Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) and Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (EAWS) pins while on temporary duty to USS Harry S.
First, our study relied on data collected by the naked eye or with 7x binoculars, hence ESWs by species group in our study were calculated as half (or less) of the ESWs used for the same species groups from 5 years of pooled SWFSC sighting data, which were collected with 25x binoculars as the primary search method (Barlow and Forney, 2007).
During this deployment, Tarawa Sailors and their counterparts from embarked commands achieved 275 Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (EAWS) qualifications and 196 Enlisted Surface Warfare Qualifications (ESWS) by demonstrating general knowledge in all aspects of surface or air warfare.
Under the scheme, the Education Social Work Service (ESWS) will issue notices to parents whose children have been absent for five school days in any 10-week period without authority.