ESYSExtended School Year Services (Iowa)
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2017) bemangeln, dass ESYS das Konzept social license to operate (SLO) vorschlagt, um gesellschaftliche Interessen einzubeziehen.
Photographs and videos documenting ESYs life all seem to suggest a deliberately egalitarian sensitivity to gender that its narratives never mention explicitly, although this anecdote from Waters might imply it:
7 February 2011 - Indian rating agency CRISIL on Friday suspended the ratings of Esys Information Technology Ltd.
eSys Technologies, a part of EZY Holdings, have been successfully distributing Foxconn motherboards since 2010 in Sri Lanka.
ESYS was the only institutional variable that was hypothesized to be connected to venture ability scripts (total effect = .
Segun Laville (2004) la ESyS engloba una multiplicidad de practicas socioeconomicas que intentan conjugar los tres polos que constituyen, con un grado variable de participacion, la economia contemporanea: la economia mercantil donde la distribucion de bienes y servicios se realiza principalmente por medio del mercado, aunque no exclusivamente; la economia no mercantil en que la distribucion y redistribucion esta en manos del Estado social; y la economia no monetaria donde la distribucion de bienes y servicios se confia principalmente a las relaciones de reciprocidad, como lo son la autoproduccion y la economia domestica.
En nuestro analisis incluimos dos experiencias (empresas recuperadas y trueque) usualmente citadas dentro del campo de la ESyS, y una tercera (el Frenapo, Frente Nacional contra la Pobreza) a la que no se suele enmarcar en este campo.
The Esys E-PC desktop Celeron D is a perfect entry level machine.
Execmail was formed in 1995 as a developer of IMAP messaging clients and message stores, then called The Esys Corporation.
Esys Automation, a leading innovator of full service automation and software solutions for manufacturers, and 3M, a technology company known for innovation, were named 2012 Automotive News PACE Award winners for their joint submission of the automated precision wheel balance system AutoW8t[TM], which installs 3M[TM] Wheel Weights.
When I first started the company eSys Technologies in Sri Lanka 7 years back as a one man office, we only had distribution right for intel processors and motherboards in Sri Lanka.
Estimates of the impact the Westminster public sector cuts will have on the region were drawn up by ESYS consulting.