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ESELEscola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa (Portuguese: Lisbon Graduate School of Nursing; Lisbon, Portugal)
ESELEmpirical Software Engineering Laboratory (various universities)
ESELEVA Support Equipment List (Space Shuttle)
ESELEmergency Secondary Education Loan Program (Arkansas)
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No drive is too long or difficult for the horses if I want to take it, no place impossible to reach if I want to go to it, no weather or roads too bad to prevent my going out if I wish to: to all my suggestions he responds with the readiest cheerfulness, and smoothes away all objections raised by the Man of Wrath, who rewards his alacrity in doing my pleasure by speaking of him as an alter Esel. In the summer, on fine evenings, I love to drive late and alone in the scented forests, and when I have reached a dark part stop, and sit quite still, listening to the nightingales repeating their little tune over and over again after interludes of gurgling, or if there are no nightingales, listening to the marvellous silence, and letting its blessedness descend into my very soul.
(166.) Esel E, Kula M, Turan MT, Reyhancan M, Tutus A, Gonul AS, Basturk M.
Esel (2006) and Pannia, Tran, Rampersad, and Gerlai (2014), had observed that ethanol induced clinical signs like changes in motor coordination, sensory perception and neuronal function, similar as observed for H.
(5.) Akcakus, M., Esel, D., Cetin, N., Kisaarslan, A.P., Kurtoglu, S., Brucella melitensis in blood cultures of two newborns due to exchange transfusion.
Mohamed Ashraf, president of the Muslim Educational Society's (MES), Jeddah chapter, announced this and said: "We have been trying to bring Abdul Kalam to Jeddah to grace our awards ceremony following the MES-Al-Abeer Educity ESEL talent hunt competition, to inspire the winners." Kalam, who due to certain protocol issues, could not come earlier "would like to interact with the Indian student community representing all schools in the Kingdom and teachers.
Carmen es un territorio estrategico por su abundancia en riquezas forestales, pesqueras yde acuerdo con el Plan Municipal de Desarrollo 2012-2015, la ciudad esel centro administrativo mas importante de las actividades de Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) en la region.
He comments: "Charite auf dem Esel als Votivebild im Atrium ihres Hauses kann man sich vorstellen etwa nach Analogie jener auf einem Esel thronenden Epona--oder wohl richtiger Isis-Epona--an der Wand eines Stalles in Pompeji." Hijmans notes ".the custom of dedicating a picture of the danger from which one has escaped is known to us from literature and art" (1995, 56).