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ET ALEt Alii/Alia (Latin: And Others)
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Jeon et al. firstly carried out a prospective cohort study of 782 Latino elderly aged > 60 years and diabetes-free [32].
Aydemir et al. showed that IR was significantly higher in H.
niloticusentre pesos de 50-150 g, con un promedio de 101,78 [+ o -] 22,72 g, fueron similares a los valores obtenidos entre pesos de 150-250 g, cuyo promedio fue 196,94 [+ o -] 32,52 g, cultivada en condiciones medioambientales en la Estacion Piscicola, coincidiendo con valores registrados por diferentes autores (UEDA et al, 1997; DUY et al, 2008;YOUNG-MIN& KANG, 2008; LIM et al., 2009;HAHN VON-H et al., 2011; KUMAR et al, 2011;SEBASTIAO et al., 2011; SERIANI et al, 2012; SILVA et al., 2012; MEHRIM, 2013; QIANG et al., 2013).
niloticus(2,193 x[10.sup.6]celulas/[mm.sup.3]) no mostro diferencia estadistica, coincidiendo con DUY et al. (2008) y MARTINS et al.
Lecanora dispersoaereolata (Schaer.) Lamy -- PA: Lopez de Silanes et al. (1998).
Mayer et al. argue that trust levels are a function of facets of the trustor and also the object of that trust, the trustee.
In turn, Roland et al reported that a topical quinolone/ steroid was superior to quinolone monotherapy.
The geochemical database was also used to screen volcano-sedimentary belts (Labbe et al. 1999)--prime targets for gold and base-metal exploration in the early going.
Our time course of DMAB-induced polyneuropathy indicated an acute axonal polyneuropathy (Kuo et al., in press).