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ET1Electronics Technician First Class (Naval Rating)
ET1Electrophoretic Type 1
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Motorola added that the WLAN solution combined with the ET1 tablet has resulted in an improved communications system between servers and 'back-of-the-house' operations, allowing orders to be received instantly and food and drinks to be delivered faster.
Previous Studies on the ET1 sense of CHI in the CHI+NP Expressions
ET1 runs an enterprise-ready hardened version of the Android operating system designed to be used 24/7 by multiple staff members.
The ET1 is an enterprise-class device that includes enhanced durability, an optional barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, hot-swappable battery packs, and secure system software, a statement said.
Motorola Solutions Inc (NYSE:MSI), a provider of communications products and services for enterprises and governments, unveiled on Monday the ET1 tablet, the first in a category of enterprise-class tablet computers designed for a variety of vertical markets.
"ET1 McSorley's technical knowledge, hard work and persistence impressed the Soldiers of the 793rd.
The state-owned ERT SA oversees the NET network (in addition to ET1 and ET3), and at the moment, is simply trying to retain a two-digit rating and share per outlet.
The 34 year old leading petty officer of navigation division (ET1) was in the machinery room preparing to take aftercharge gravities following a normal battery charge.
The family of potent vasoactive and mitogenic peptides, the endothelins (ETs) [4] includes at least three isoforms, termed endothelin-1, -2, and -3 (ET1, ET2, and ET3) and has been thought to play a role in a variety of cardiovascular, renal, and other disorders (1, 2).