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ET2Electronics Technician Second Class (Naval Rating)
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A extensao vocal encontrada na pesquisa, juntamente com a classificacao vocal estipulada pelo regente do coral, foi comparada com o Quadro de Avaliacao Vocal de Correspondentes Tonais [13] e resultou em 73,9% de concordancia na ET1; em 69,3% de concordancia na ET2 e em 100% de concordancia na ET3.
Tabela 1--Resultado da Analise Fatorial Confirmatoria Carga STD Erro CI1 <-- Cinismo 0,69 0,175 CI2 <-- Cinismo 0,86 0,213 CI3 <-- Cinismo 0,86 0,167 CI4 <-- Cinismo 0,69 EE1 <-- Exaustao 0,68 0,087 EE2 <-- Exaustao 0,70 0,086 EE3 <-- Exaustao 0,86 0,083 EE4 <-- Exaustao 0,78 0,091 EE5 <-- Exaustao 0,84 ET1 <-- Eficacia Trabalho 0,51 ET2 <-- Eficacia Trabalho 0,63 0,1 42 ET3 <-- Eficacia Trabalho 0,67 0,210 ET4 <-- Eficacia Trabalho 0,96 0,303 ET5 <-- Eficacia_Trabalho 0,52 0,128 T -Valor Sig Alpha CI1 7,671 *** CI2 9,028 *** 0,84 CI3 9,768 *** CI4 EE1 9,3 12 *** EE2 9,811 *** EE3 12,870 *** 0,84 EE4 11,351 *** EE5 ET1 ET2 8,3 92 *** ET3 6,251 *** 0,82 ET4 6,370 *** ET5 5,337 *** Fonte: Elaborado pelos autores.
Czech Republic Slovak Stations Stations Eesky Rozhlas 1 Radio and Radio Slovensko 1 Public radio (a) Eesky Rozhlas 2 Praha Private Frekvence 1 and Radio Fun Radio and Rock FM radio Nova Alfa Public ET1 and ET2 STV 1 and STV 2 television Private TV NOVA and PRIMA VTV and TV Markiza television Mean Standard Range Deviation 3.
Water current and temperature were monitored at 15 rain intervals during the experiments, following the same method used for ET1 and ET2.
In this paper, I only talk about the DEPENDENCY sense of CHI as the ET2 sense and how the CT sense of CHI can derive from the ET2 sense pragmatically and culturally.
1994) P1 Me divierto cuando voy de compras 2,83 P2 Ir de compras es entretenido 3,01 P3 Ir de compras es un placer 2,36 P4 Ir de compras resulta estimulante 2,47 Eficiencia ET1 Cuando voy de compras intento aprovechar 3,78 el tiempo al maximo ET2 Me gusta ser eficiente con el uso del 3,89 tiempo, cuando voy de compras Orientacion temporal (adaptado de Usunier y Valette Florence (2007)) OT1 Muchas veces salgo de compras sin tener una 2,73 idea clara de lo que voy a compra * OT2 Suelo disfrutar inmediatamente de las compras 2,65 que hago * OT3 Cuando voy de compras me fijo en lo que puedo 2,51 necesitar en el futuro Planificacion (adaptado de Cotte et al.
Write ET2 at the beginning of your text, followed by a space, your answer and your name, house number and postcode.
The first group received 99% (neighbor joining analysis) and 94% (Parsimony analysis) bootstrap support and included the sequences ET2, ET9, ET15 and ET5 whose closest neighbors on the tree included Glomus sp.
ET2 (IUSS) Michael Odom is the NCTS FE public affairs officer.
No wonder he later spent 15 years denying the human race ET2 before making Lost World.
To celebrate a hugely successful first year for the Senseo coffee pod system, Douwe Egberts is offering one lucky Grocer reader the chance to win a fantastic Vespa ET2 50cc.
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