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ET3Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies
ET3Electronics Technician Third Class (Naval Rating)
ET3Emerging Threat Tactics Team (US Air Force)
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ET3 is essentially a one-man operation: it's a consortium of patent holders organized by Oster that, like the MPEG consortium before it, hopes to standardize a technology, make it profitable and allow anyone to use it.
Tenders are invited for Estimate for construction of foundations for 132kV LA, CT, PT, PI, CVT, BT1, ET3 Columns, Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Station Transformer, Fire Wall, Outdoor power- control cable trenches, transformer foundation and road cum rail track at proposed 132-33kV, 2X16MVA Sub- Station at Fatehpur, Distt- Kangra under 220kV Sub Station, ES Division, HPSEB Ltd.
By 2030 a form of tube transportation, inspired by Hyperloop and ET3, will be well on its way to becoming the world's largest infrastructure project.
ABCS Philip Meyers checks the vital signs of ET3 Ryder Buttrey during a simulated Search and Rescue exercise.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) is the recipient of the 2004 Education Technology Think Tank (ET3) 2004 ET3 TEC Champion Partnership Award, given annually to honor innovative public-private partnerships that empower the community.
Simply text your answer to 84080 with ET3 at the beginning of your text followed by a space, your answer and your name, house number and postcode.
And finally, CTT3 Toni Mitchell, ET3 Joshua Buerk and GSEFN Laashlee Edwards received Food Service Attendant of the Quarter Awards.
So I went to the website to verify, and there it was in my case, for an ET3 [Electronics Technician 3rd Class] going for ET2 [Electronics Technician 2nd Class], I received an additional nine [college] credits.
We're honored that the CBC Education Braintrust and ET3 have recognized IDI, in partnership with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, as a 'Technology to Empower Community' Champion," noted Dr.
LCPO; LTJG Florendo, Food Service Officer; LTJG Richardson, Sales/ Disbursing Officer; SN Radosavljevic; FCSN Myers; SH2 Sims; SK3 Mercado; TM3 Henriquez; SK2(SW) Derrick; SKSA Bulmer; ET3 Draper; CSSN Bailey; SK2(SW) Fajardo; SK1(SW) Phommavongsa; CS1(SW) Baltazar; SK3 Wardlow; CS 1 Basco; SKC(SW) Gadon; SK1(SW) Williams; CS3 Cranford; SH3(SW)Gilbert; SN Vanderford; SKSN Cannel; SK1(SW) Boelter; SK3 Laxamana; CS2 Benedicto; CTT3 Bratter; OSSN Brzezinski; SHSN(SW) Tuitavake; CS3 Pless; SK2 Gutierrez; CS2(SW) Taylor; CS2 Conley; CS3 Stroud; CS3 White; CSSN Kim; DK2 Hernandez; and GSM3 Naidu.