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ET3Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies
ET3Electronics Technician Third Class (Naval Rating)
ET3Emerging Threat Tactics Team (US Air Force)
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Na ET1 iniciou-se com 80 sujeitos, na ET2 permaneceram 30, restando na ET3, 23 sujeitos.
This excerpt illustrates this: "One needs resources for teaching English, for making our classes more appealing to professors" (ET3, Interview).
Fecal microbiota represented enterotype 3 (ET3), that is, the Ruminococcus enterotype at all other sampling points except at 2 days after FMT.
Much like Musk's Hyperloop, the technology behind ET3 would allow car-sized capsules to travel through airless, elevated metal tubes.
He won three deciding frames in ET3 before bumping into an irresistible Ding Junhui, who himself won't be long in winning, so Sussex-born Robertson carries a ridiculous price given his draw.
As he read on unaware of the graphic shots, viewers were given more than they bargained for when they turned on to state-run ET3.
The suggested rules include a proposal for a "paper sift" stage incorporating a strike-out power and new ET1 and ET3 forms.
Additionally the following complementary variables were observed: 1) Time related variables as effort time (ET1)-time spent from the start to the first obstacle-, time from start to the first curve (ET2), time to the first curve, and total time to complete the track (ET3)-from start to the finish line-; 2) pedalling cycles related variables as the number of the cycles from the start to the first obstacle (PC1), the number of cycles from the start to the first curve (PC2), and complete cycles to complete the track from the start to the finish line- (PC3); and 3) others including the number of overtaking manoeuvres (OM) and the number of passes per curve (CP).
We will have to evaluate this deal, Christos Staikouras, a conservative party spokesman on economy issues, told state television ET3. But the economic policy must change, currently it leads nowhere, fiscal adjustment is needed together with growth, he said.
These results suggest the use of three items (ER1, ER2 and ER4) to measure knowledge exploration ([p.sup.SCR.sub.c]=.871, [p.sup.AVE.sub.c]=.702) and another three (ET1, ET2 and ET3) to measure knowledge exploitation ([p.sup.SCR.sub.c]=.850, [p.sup.AVE.sub.c]=.664).