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Na ET1, 21,7% dos sujeitos perceberam mudancas na voz no decorrer do dia; na ET3 34,8% nao perceberam mudancas, seguido pelo mesmo numero que referiu sentir que a voz muda com trocas de temperatura.
Pestana e Gageiro (2003) afirmam que variaveis com escores positivos e negativos no mesmo fator geram correlacoes negativas que violam o modelo de consistencia interna e inviabilizam a utilizacao do coeficiente de Alfa de Cronbach, razao pela qual foi realizada a reversao dos escores das questoes "ET1, ET2, ET3, ET4 e ET5", com a finalidade de deixar todas as variaveis com escores no mesmo sentido.
Much like Musk's Hyperloop, the technology behind ET3 would allow car-sized capsules to travel through airless, elevated metal tubes.
He won three deciding frames in ET3 before bumping into an irresistible Ding Junhui, who himself won't be long in winning, so Sussex-born Robertson carries a ridiculous price given his draw.
The mix-up has become an internet hit and ET3 has been renamed Channel Phwoar.
When we compared the two seasons we found significant differences between E and W tracks for ET2 (in favor of E) and for ET3 (in favor of W) (p [less than or equal to] 0.
We will have to evaluate this deal, Christos Staikouras, a conservative party spokesman on economy issues, told state television ET3.
PACIFIC OCEAN - ET3 Rebecca Bell, assigned to the combat systems department aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), troubleshoots an ultra high frequency antenna.
A nivel de la proendotelina actua una enzima convertidora de la endotelina (ECE), formandose principalmente ET1, pero tambien en menor proporcion, ET2 y ET3 (3).
The number of visitors who make last-minute bookings is rapidly increasing," Nikitiadis told state ET3 TV.
Top to bottom, left side, SHSN Devaughn Lowe, GSMSN Gilles Kone, SK2 Eike-Janina Cody, CSSN Jarred Martin, FC2 Devin Gibbs, FC3 Matthew Boultinghouse, SH3 Ezra Meza, CS1 Richard Barretto, STG3 Kai-wing Le, CSSN Katrina Crowder, CS2 Andrew Myers, STG3 Omar Lopez, EM2 Marcelino Salazar, SH2 Thandiwe Hudson, ITSN Carrie Nellans, DCFN Braxton Campbell, ET3 Heather Gay, CS2 Vibol Som.
On 5 November 2008 the Air Traffic Control Association named Bataan (LIID 5) sailor ET3 (SWIAW) Zachary W.