ETAAElephant Trunk Access Area
ETAAEnterprising Travel Agents Association (India)
ETAAEducational Technical Assistance Act of 2002
ETAAEstate Tax Apportionment Act (Alabama)
ETAAEast Texas Anesthesiology Associates (Tyler, TX)
ETAAEmission Trading Association of Australia Ldp (Sydney, Australia)
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The west African kdr mutation was detected and susceptibility to permethrin was restored with pre-exposure to ETAA in bottle bioassays indicating the likely presence of elevated glutathione transferase enzymes.
With only 100 clients as of early September, three full-time employees and three commission-based field reps, Bogard said ETAA would like to have 200,000 enrolled members by next July.
The families of deceased pilgrims will be compensated with EGP 20,000 each, while badly injured pilgrims will receive 50% of the compensation value, according to an ETAA official.
Egypt's share of Hajj visas is administrated by three ministries; the Ministry of Social Solidarity through NGOs, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Tourism through ETAA companies.
The Ministry of Civil Aviation agreed to cancel the fees at four airports in Egypt for 10 months, according to a release sent to ETAA.
The ETAA also demanded the amendment of the ETAA law, just like the Cairo Chamber of Commerce's, in order to invest in its resources.
The ETAA is the major contributor to expenses of Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF), with 33% out of its total expenses annually, according to the official.
The number of hotel rooms in Luxor and Aswan amounts to 21,000 rooms distributed as 17,000 rooms in floating hotels and the other 4,000 are normal hotel rooms, according to ETAA.
This season, 29,000 Egyptians went on the minor Hajj trip, according to Basel El-Sisi, an ETAA board member.
According to Ahmed Ibrahim, Bursar of the ETAA, the association had a meeting with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb, and the issue was discussed.
According to statements made by Ahmed Shoukry, head of International Tourism at the ETAA, this week, Arab tourism inflows to Egypt over the last three months grew by 400%.
ETAA Chairman Zaki Adel said: "Desert tourism is considered one of our best tourism activities in terms of spending.
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