ETAASElectrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
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In this work, the determination of As and Cd in the Baltic seawater sample by ETAAS using a colloidal palladium modifier was carried out.
Instrumental parameters used for the determination of Cd, Pb, As, and Cr by ETAAS and Zn, Cu, and Mn by FAAS (peak area quantitation) ETAAS FAAS Pb Cd As Cr Zn Cu Mn Wavelength, nm 283.
The example of the assay of lead in blood by ETAAS was well suited for this purpose because the properties and the state of the art of the technique are well documented, because both CRMs and pure standards are available, and because several well-established EQAS are active.
This shows that evaluations based solely on precision data are likely to underestimate the actual uncertainty associated with ETAAS measurements of lead in blood.
9] Nonstandard abbreviations: BPb, blood lead; PT, proficiency testing; CLIA 'SS, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988; NYSDH, New York State Department of Health; WSLH, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene; ASV, anodic stripping voltammetry; RMSE, root mean squared error; and ETAAS, electrothermal atomization atomic absorption spectrometry.
The accuracy and precision of the ETAAS method have been described elsewhere (16).
There was good agreement between values found by ETAAS and the certified value for SRM 1400 bone ash (9.
Precautions to avoid aluminum contamination during the ETAAS determination were taken carefully, as described previously (19).
The ETAAS elution profile of total aluminum (bar graph in Fig.
Others have used metal microtube atomizers made from a small inner-diameter tungsten tubing to improve the sensitivity and detection limits of the ETAAS determination and that of other relatively involatile elements [21].
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