ETABSExtended 3D Analysis of Building Systems
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The elements used in the modelling process by the ETABS programme are as follows: graphical interface based on object (see figure 1); database for most of the metal of concrete structural systems; created models using structural terminology: column, grinds, walls, floors, etc.
The elements used for presentation by ETABS programme are: 3D graphic displays; static deformation and own shape of vibrating; loads; results selection with screen displaying; table showing of the entry and exit data; graphic definition "section cut" type for stresses; force--displacement diagram in the nonlinear response domain; graphic representation of the plastic articulations.
For each research objective, several multi-storey building structures with the same plan view configuration have been modelled and analysed in ETABS.
Design of beams and columns has been done by limit state method taking analysis results from ETABS version--8.
In the design of columns, for design axial forces and biaxial moments generated using ETABS version--8.
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