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ETAGEducational Technologies Assistance Group
ETAGElder Technology Assistance Group (Canada)
ETAGEthical Trading Action Group
ETAGEuropean Technical Approval Guideline (European Organisation for Technical Approvals)
ETAGExtended Task-Action Grammar
ETAGEuropean Travel & Tourism Action Group
ETAGEnglish Teachers' Association of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia)
ETAGEngineering & Technical Assessment Group
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The precise timing of each ETag header introduction enabled the headend and CDN experts to undertake deep detailed analysis to identify the root cause of the problem and correct it.
26] ETAG 004, Guideline for European technical approval of External thermal insulation composite systems with rendering, European Organisation for Technical Approvals, March 2000.
We believe that our eTag technology may open up a completely new approach to the management of serious diseases.
After the eTag binds its target, a special proprietary enzyme cleaves the bound eTag from the target.
It is overwhelmingly union and NGO staff that sit on bodies like ETAG, that attend and have a true voice at international conferences on codes of conduct and monitoring.
Other items that guests repeatedly went back to included the pork sisig with heirloom red rice; the Malagos cheese spread served with local jams, pili nuts and cashews; and the thin slices of etag, which is guava and pine-smoked pork from the mountain of Sagada.
The new service incorporates product development, testing to ETAG 004 requirements and Factory Production Control (FPC) certification*.
The recommendations of the Etag must not be lost with the incorporation of Elwa.
ACLARA benefited from increased commercialization of the its eTag assays, and collaborative agreements.
Next up was the Adlai Risotto, a humble plate with adlai (a type of grain similar to rice) crackers and etag (salted pork meat) crisp.
Etag, also known as "Igorot smoked meat," "smoked mountain ham" or "smoked bacon" is salted pork, regarded as part of the life of a Cordilleran from the time of birth until death.