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ETANAElectronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives
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Etana A, Rydberg T, Arvidsson J (2009) Readily dispersible clay and particle transport in five Swedish soils under long-term shallow tillage and mouldboard ploughing.
Such, it is submitted, is the case with respect to the ancient Mesopotamian Etana legend.
Etana maintains A+ rating GCR has reaffirmed the domestic ZAR currency claims paying ability rating of Etana Insurance Company Limited ("Etana") at A+ (single A plus).
But while the site has been allowed to push state limits on freedom, a separate operation that Abdul-Salam runs--a feminist literature distribution group called Etana Press--has not.
Nigatu W, Jin L, Cohen BJ, Nokes DJ, Etana M, Cutts FT, et al.
Etana A and Haakansson I: Swedish Experiments on the Persistence of Subsoil Compaction Caused by Vehicles with High Axel Load.
She said she sometimes pays $5 per pound for grass-fed meat and buys $8 organic toothpaste for her two-year-old daughter, Etana.
We do, of course, possess a list of authors' names from antiquity, but the document is hardly acceptable as such, quoting as it does a jumble of names of divinities, legendary creatures and historical people, such as the names of the god Enki/Ea, Adapa, the god of wisdom, Oannes, as described by Berosus, Enmerkar, the legendary king of Uruk and inventor of writing, and also that of Sin-leqe-unninni, who is described as the author of the epic of Gilgamesh (4) and who is said to have lived at the time of Gilgamesh himself, Lu-Nanna, the author, also presumed, of the legend of Etana (5), who is said, again according to the same source, to have lived in Ur at the time of King Shulgi (2094-2047).
Whether it be the observation and naming of the stars, the flight up to heaven of Etana in Assyro-Babylonian mythology, or the adventures of Pegasus the flying horse, man has always seen himself (and herself, no doubt) as destined to take to the air.
Al establecer sus reinos, con Etana de Kish como primer gobernante en el tercer milenio, iniciaron una gran civilizacion y desde entonces recrearon su historia con mitos y leyendas; por ejemplo, el mismo Etana es un arquetipo del hombre que quiere ascender a los cielos con la ayuda de un aguila, para conseguir una planta muy especial, "la planta del nacimiento".
The Mesopotamian myth of Etana is a tale of unprecedented lofty perspective.