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The following notes are the result of a new edition of the Old Babylonian manuscripts of the epics of Anzu and Etana prepared for the project "Sources of Early Akkadian Literature" (SEAL).
Novotny's score gives both a handy comparison of the Old Babylonian Etana with the Standard Babylonian one and a score of the later manuscripts; the reader might wish for a treatment of the Old Babylonian and Middle Assyrian pieces to round off the volume, but can find them in Haul and Kinnier Wilson.
Highest honors went to: Alexandra Allaire, Samson Ashline, Cassandra Campana, Heather Cannon, Allison Carvalho, Timothy Collins, Kerry Conlin, Tanner Douglas, Kristoff Foster, James Gandek, Sydney Giovinazzo, Libby Goss, Robert Green, Molly Heffernan, Gilson Hogan, Abigail Hurd, Oliver Jenkins, Thomas MacLean, Etana Matatia, Gretchen Owens, Sara Palis, Hayden Peirce, Jacob Pelland, Elizabeth Rogers, Lisa Sangermano, Sarah Schomp, Rebecca Tang, Timothy vonStetten, Casey Weatherbee, Jene' Williams and Beatrice Zhang.
The other skiers on the team are senior Molly Flynn, a four-year participant, sophomore Anna Goldman, sophomore Cameron Skoletsky, sophomore Etana Mataio, and exchange students Laura Rodriguez and Kally Ai Man.
Also, Samantha Langberg, Gabrielle Larivee, Lisa Laythe, Catherine Leach, Kendal LeFrancois, Jessica Lemay, Galen Lisse-Brown, Kathleen Malley, Samantha Malmberg, Ryan Manley, Etana Matatia, Thomas Miller II, Colin Montgomery, Thomas Moran, Margaret Mullane, Mary O'Ryan, Gregory Parrow, Rachel Peabody, Jace Petterson, Mitchell Ray, Eric Rice, Christopher Rucinski, Kirin Runtagh, Lisa Sangermano, Sarah Schomp, Colleen Sheridan, Cameron Skoletsky, Amelia Sliwa, Kevin Sprague, Reid Sullivan, Zachary Temple, Jacob Thissell, Kira Thomas, Isabelle Tower, Ashley Tripp, Colleen Vickers, Justin Wasserman, Casey Weatherbee, Jennie Webb, Alison Williams and Justin Wood
High honors: Alexandra Allaire, Nathan Boucher, Faith Connor, Ceegan Cook, Oliver Dansereau, Devin Doyle, James Gandek, Sydney Giovinazzo, Leah Goss, Robert Green, Nicole Hart, Molly Heffernan, Miles Hodge, Abigail Hurd, Anna Klouda, Rosamond Lucy Kopczynski, Jacob Mansfield, Etana Matatia, Thomas Miller II, Rachel Peabody, Christopher Peters, Jennifer Phillips, Kendall Poulson, Shelby Ripa, Elizabeth Rogers, Philippa Schwarzkopf, Ashley Tripp, Corinne Wilder, Alison Williams and Kathleen Zayka.
Those who'd like to add a little Jamaican flavor to their week can catch the Abyssinians with Etana at 9 p.
Nelly Stharre (Dominica), Etana, Diana King, Harry Toddler, Roots Underground (Jamaica), Orange Sky plus 3Canal (Trinidad & Tobago).
But while the site has been allowed to push state limits on freedom, a separate operation that Abdul-Salam runs--a feminist literature distribution group called Etana Press--has not.
Nigatu W, Jin L, Cohen BJ, Nokes DJ, Etana M, Cutts FT, et al.
Etana A and Haakansson I: Swedish Experiments on the Persistence of Subsoil Compaction Caused by Vehicles with High Axel Load.
She said she sometimes pays $5 per pound for grass-fed meat and buys $8 organic toothpaste for her two-year-old daughter, Etana.