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ETAREstação de Tratamento de Águas Residuais (Portugal)
ETAREquivalent Tissue-Air Ratio
ETAREndothelin Type A Receptor (proteins)
ETAREastern Thumb Association of Realtors (Port Huron, MI)
ETARElectronic Treatment Authorization Request
ETAREngineering Technical Assistance Request (Air Force)
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The ETAR and the APF can be accomplished without too much difficulty.
The BIR chief issued the warning in Revenue Memorandum Order No.33-2019, which spelled out the guidelines in accepting and processing the ETAR , even as he expressed determination to successfully implement the program.
The duly accomplished and sworn ETAR, the acceptance payment form, as well as other requirements should be presented for endorsement prior to the payment of the amnesty tax.
(1) the traditional non-risk-based capital (total shareholders' ETAR) which is known as actual capital; and
Yagoub, "ETAR: efficient traffic light aware routing protocol for vehicular networks," in Proceedings of the IEEE Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), pp.
Apos, o efluente e encaminhado a ETAR do Campus, por meio de seis estacoes elevatorias, sendo duas no Laboratorio, uma na Biblioteca, uma no Restaurante, uma no Teatro (todas com vazao de 15[m.sup.3]/h) e uma no Predio de Aulas (com vazao de 30[m.sup.3]/h; recebe tambem a contribuicao do Edificio Central).
in Zhu's group (Fudan University, Shanghai, China) summarized both antiendothelial alloantibodies (preformed and de novo antibodies against ABO blood groups, HLA, MICA) and autoantibodies (preformed and de novo antibodies against AT1R, ETAR, Perlecan, de novo against vimentin and preformed against endoglin, FLT3 ligand, and EDIL3).
Additionally, the EA-induced suppression on the pathological progression from hypertension to cardiovascular remodeling in SHR was also likely mediated via the downregulation of Ang 2, ATIR, endothelin type A receptor (ETAR), and endothelin-1 (ET-1) [34, 35].
Jiao, "Loss expression of micro ribonucleic acid (miRNA)-200c induces adverse post-surgical prognosis of advanced stage non-small cell lung carcinoma and its potential relationship with ETAR messenger RNA," Thoracic Cancer, vol.
A metodologia bim 4d e bim 5d aplicada a um caso pratico construcao de uma etar na argelia.
C'est la cineaste marocaine Tala Hadid qui ouvre le bal avec la projection de son film Etar Lil, traduction approximative du titre anglo-saxon, the narrow frame of midnignt, presente en avant-premiere mardi a Casablanca.