ETARAEvent Time Availability, Reliability Analysis (Space Station Freedom Electrical Power System)
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Brazil's Bulgaria-descended President Dilma Rousseff will visit the architectural-ethnographic complex Etara, near the central city of Gabrovo, during her upcoming trip her father's native country.
The Mayor further says the exact arrival time of the Brazilian President in Gabrovo would not be announced until the last moment over security reasons, while the trip to Etara, Bulgaria's only open-air museum would still depend on the decision of higher-ups.
performing repair works of the mtb on the following sites: Administrative building of the ups-gabrovo, Administrative building of the regional base for maintenance of etara, Administrative building of dryanovo rps, Administrative building of rvc sevlievo and bozhkovci canton, Located on the territory of the ou gabrovo "according to a quantitative account - sample 3.