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ETASEnglish Teachers Association of Switzerland
ETASEmerging Technology Advisory Service (International Data Corporation)
ETASElevated Target Acquisition System
ETASEmergency Technical Assistance Support (telecommunications)
ETASEffective True Airspeed
ETASEscort Towed Array System
ETASEngineering Tools Applications and Services
ETASEnvironment for Trusted Ada Software
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ETAS is dedicated to innovation and as a result, is expanding quickly, said Mike Cash, Senior Vice President and President of Industrial Coatings at Axalta.
Kenshoo says that more than 400 additional advertisers have recently onboarded to its full platform support to begin testing with ETAs, before the fall shopping season gets underway.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-20 August 2010-CRISIL removes from watch "negative" ETA Star Appliances' ratings(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
PMW 210 is also authorized to manage the ETAs as risk reduction/risk mitigation efforts.
The best part of this partnership between Vetronix and ETAS is that there is virtually no overlap, and it is all focused on growing together on the basis of our synergies," Zaleski said.
Sin embargo, el jueves 10 todo cambio: ETA anuncio que habia secuestrado a Miguel Angel Blanco Garrido, de 29 anos, concejal del Partido Popular (PP) en la poblacion vasca de Ermua, y amenazo con ejecutarlo si en un plazo de 48 horas los militantes de esa organizacion armada recluidos en diversas prisiones no eran trasladados a carceles del Pais Vasco.
The time has come to admit that the ETA has failed to accomplish Congress's original goal of reducing the government's cost to make payments to consumers," said H.
Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, ETAS GmbH is a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, a $83 million privately-held company.
Motorola's strong worldwide market presence and reputation in the automotive industry complement ETAS' automotive experience and integrated tool chain," said Manfred Schon, president ETAS Inc.
This side-engine processor then determines the appropriate route of travel, plots vehicle positions, updates ETAs and returns information to the host platform for easy viewing.
eta College is proud to welcome Momentum as its newest partner in their Golf Learnership Programme.
Asi, como macabra celebracion, ETA volvio a indignar a Espana y realizo su actividad preferida: dos atentados en el lapso de 24 horas (uno el 30 y el otro el 31 de julio pasado).