ETAWErnst Theodor Amadeus Wilhelm (poet, surname Hoffmann)
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Adding the proven Navy eTAWS function into the Harris TAMMAC Digital Map Computer significantly enhances the F/A-18E/F's capability to warn its flight crew of impending ground collisions while providing a real-time visual display of the battlespace," said Henry.
Using both graphical and aural warnings, the color-coded terrain screen provides a surveillance range of 24 nautical miles and will alert when flight into terrain is imminent by automatically switching to the eTAWS screen when a terrain warning is issued.
4-inch PFD and MFD, the Max Viz enhanced vision infrared camera system, active traffic alerting system, eTAWS terrain avoidance, SiriusXM satellite weather and entertainment system, lightning detection system and the Perspective Global Connect Iridium satellite phone and text messaging system.