ETAWErnst Theodor Amadeus Wilhelm (poet, surname Hoffmann)
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The ETAW (2.5 acre-feet per acre) is the amount of water that could be transferred from the property without harming any other downstream water right holder.
As a check on reasonableness, the general values of irrigated and nonirrigated lands in the area of the subject should be researched along with the typical ETAW. If the ETAW is 2.5 acre-feet per acre, then there would be approximately a $2,000 value differential between irrigated and nonirrigated land in the area, i.e., 2.5 acre-feet x $800 per acre-foot.
* Consumptive use includes ETAW plus additional water that has been removed from the system.
In addition to traffic and ADS-B weather, the NGT-9000 has TSO authorization for use as a Class B embedded terrain awareness system (eTAWS).
Major avionics options include synthetic vision, 12.4-inch PFD and MFD, the Max Viz enhanced vision infrared camera system, active traffic alerting system, eTAWS terrain avoidance, SiriusXM satellite weather and entertainment system, lightning detection system and the Perspective Global Connect Iridium satellite phone and text messaging system.