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ETBEthiopian Birr (ISO currency code)
ETBEmpresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá (Colombia)
ETBEnglish Theatre Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
ETBEnd of Transmission Block
ETBEmbedded Trace Buffer (Arm Microprocessor)
ETBÉconomie et Technique du Bâtiment (French: Economics and Technology Building)
ETBEurodistrict Trinational de Bâle (French: Trinational Eurodistrict Basel; Basel, Switzerland)
ETBEnglish Tourist Board (UK)
ETBEuskal Telebista (Basque television)
ETBEconomics and Trade Branch (UN)
ETBEt Tu, Brute? (Latin: And You, Brutus?)
ETBEquitorial Trust Bank (Nigeria)
ETBEmerald Tree Boa (herpetoculture)
ETBElectrostatic Transfer Belt (HP laser color printers)
ETBElectric Trolley Bus
ETBEuropean Transaction Bank
ETBEntente Tuc Balma (French sports club)
ETBWest Bend Municipal Airport (airport code; West Bend, WI)
ETBExpected Time of Berthing (maritime)
ETBExtended Trial Balance (accounting)
ETBÉtudes-Toitures-Bardages (Belgian construction company)
ETBEarly to Bed
ETBEnd of Text Block
ETBEnergy Technology Branch
ETBEstimated Time of Berthing
ETBElektronisk Tekstbehandling
ETBEwing's Tumor of Bone (oncology)
ETBElectronic Throttle Body (automotive)
ETBEquipment Transfer Bag
ETBEngaged in Trade or Business
ETBEvil Twin Brother
ETBElectrical Test Bed
ETBExperimental Test Bed
ETBEnd Transmission Blank
ETBExchange Terminal Board
ETBElectrical Test Board
ETBEnlisted Training Branch
ETBExtension Training Branch (US Army)
ETBEuropean Testbed
ETBElectrical Time Base
ETBExtended Telebreak
ETBE T Browne Drug Company
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We look forward to presenting these early preclinical data that demonstrates the unique and broad applications of our ETB platform technology," said Eric Poma, president and chief executive officer of Molecular Templates.
The ETB said that having more foreign students doing engineering in the UK was "advantageous.
These features allow ETBs to target receptor epitopes that may not be accessible by other modalities and also render targets like CD20 to be uniquely druggable with ETBs.
Presentations will include a report on the development of EGFR and HER2 targeting and EMT phenotype specific ETBs
Positive factors for credit quality include better geographical and service diversification, larger scale or ownership by a better-rated telecom entity with willingness to support ETB.
The entrance of the new law 1341 in 2009, which aims toward convergence, should have a neutral to slightly positive effect for ETB in terms of cash flow in the long term as it may achieve some savings.
ETB is the leading fixed telecommunications provider in the District and 17 municipalities in Cundinamarca.
HP expertise was critical in helping ETB modernize our enterprise environment, reduce cost and risk, and, most importantly, remove barriers to achieving our business objectives," said Claudia Barragan, enterprise architect, ETB.
ETB is well-positioned to face competition due to its incumbent position, commercial strategy and service bundling in the residential segment.
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Mohaiyani replaces Megat Zaharuddin, who has now become the chairmanship of Maybank Ageas Holdings Bhd, the holding company for the groups insurance business under the Etiqa brand that includes EIB and ETB.
Manuel Diaz El Cordobes y Esther Arroyo lo haran desde la Plaza de las Tendillas de Cordoba; TV3 ha elegido al comico Quim Masferrer y a Ruth Jimenez (expareja de Risto Mejide); Kika Frutos, Pico Esquina y Maria Garo lo haran desde Murcia y Mikel Pagadi, Zuhait Gurrutxaga y Sara Gandara, para ETB.