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Regarding the risk factors for excessive PBL, the excessive THL (>2.7 g/dL) was significantly associated with only higher preoperative Hb (p < 0.0001), and the excessive ETBL (>348.6 mL) was significantly associated with the patients with greater height, preoperative Hb, preoperative ROM, and CrCl (p < 0.05 all), whereas excessive DV/kg (>10.6mL/kg) was significantly associated with lower BMI and larger prosthesis size (p = 0.001 and 0.002, resp.).
The variation in significant predicting factors on each type of PBL in our study might be explained by the different methods of outcome measurement (THL, ETBL, and DV/kg) and their correlation on the effect of blood loss reduction from IA-TXA application.
The effect of height, preoperative ROM, and CrCl on ETBL might be explained by the following reasons.