ETCAEast Texas Christian Academy (Tyler, TX)
ETCAEast Tennessee College Alliance
ETCAEducation & Training Course Announcements
ETCAEuropean Tour Caddies Association (Surrey, England)
ETCAEmergency Terrain Clearance Altitude
ETCAExchange-Type Chromosome Aberrations (nuclear physics)
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At ETCA Sites 1 and 2, 100% of the image set was annotated.
In the ETCA, a total of 81,536 scallops were annotated for instances of mortality (Table 1).
27% and had a larger SE than the mean change of the control sites at the ETCA.
Also, many Sri Lankans are unsure of the tangible benefits of the ETCA.
Sinha while recovering from the fallout said in Kandy a few weeks later that the ETCA was a proposal of the SL Prime Minister.
The results shows that the NTL-HA for GTCA can significantly improves the wrong admission probability, FTP user throughput and VoIP end-to- end delay compare to the ETCA architecture.
Weerakody thinks the ETCA will be good for SL but that it has been marketed badly, hence the criticism.
The REP assessment for combining multiple tows indicated extra variation for all tow combinations (by cruise, year, area and the CA2 and two ETCA cruises combined), therefore, standard errors for the estimated parameters were multiplied by the square root of REP (Millar et al.
5 mm" data point for the ETCA 2005 SELECT curve is influenced primarily by two tows, which had only a few scallops at that length in the survey dredge and none in the commercial.
The final results are those that were estimated for all valid tows for the CA2 2005, ETCA 2005, and ETCA 2006 cruises combined.
The ETCA aims to reduce tariffs and restrictions to trade in goods and services.
The ISLFTA is incorporated to the ETCA by specific reference in Article II of Ch 2.