ETCDEndoscopic Transpapillary Cyst Drainage
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When it comes to shaving, TNS ETCD says that foam is still the dominant format, with average penetration of 31% across the Big 5.
Penetration figures from Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD reveal widely varying consumer behavior in the Big 5 markets when it comes to product categories.
The figures vary even more widely when it comes to product penetration, according to Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD. Italy leads in toothpaste, with an average of 89% using it every week.
This is backed up by penetration figures from Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD. On average, only 23% of men from the Big 5 use skin care products on a regular basis, ranging from a high of 33.1% in Germany and 28.8% in France to a low of 11.9% in Spain.
One in three women in the Big 5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) use a styling product on a regular weekly basis, according to Taylor Nelson Sofres' ETCD, and one in five men use at least one too.
Overall, aerosols/sprays are the leading format, with a penetration rate of 27.9%, according to TNS ETCD. Roll-ons follow closely with 22.5%, then come sticks (12.6%), cream with 4.9% and wipes with 0.9%.
European Body Care Usage, 2001 (Among females aged 11-74, weighted penetration % using in an average week) All Countries France Germany Italy Body products 31.5 35.6 42.8 28.6 Body lotion/milk 21.2 23.9 36.4 10.5 Body cream 8.2 9.1 5.6 14.4 Body gel 0.6 0.9 0.3 0.1 Anticellulite/toning cream 2.1 4.5 0.7 3.4 Spain UK Body products 22.8 20.3 Body lotion/milk 12.3 14.1 Body cream 6.6 5.5 Body gel 1.8 0.4 Anticellulite/toning cream 1.5 0.8 Source: Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD
31, 2001 Total makeup 69.5 67.1 Total face makeup 44.9 43.4 Foundation 17.5 22.1 Blush/rouge 16.0 14.9 Total eye makeup 50.9 51.0 Eyeshadow 22.5 29.1 Mascara 35.8 36.9 Total lip makeup 53.5 49.2 Lipstick 50.0 41.9 Lipgloss 3.3 11.0 Total nail products 13.1 16.9 Source: Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD Color Cosmetics Market Size in Western Europe ($ sales in millions) Category 2001 % 00/01 % 97/01 Facial makeup 1,798.90 3.9 1.3 Eye makeup 1,748.10 7.3 15.9 Lip products 1,565.30 8.9 7.9 Nail products 777.10 1.6 3.1 Total: 5,889.40 5.9 7.3 Source: Euromonitor International
On average, 60% of women in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK wore a fragrance at least once a week in 2001, according to Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD. Naturally, the French are even more fond of fragrance than their neighbors, with 76% using fragrance on a regular basis.
If you look at the latest penetration figures from Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD, you'll see that skin care usage, for example, is still pretty low.
The TNSofres ETCD panel, which measures men's usage of key toiletries across Europe, shows theft most men regularly use functional products such as soap, shower gel, shaving preparations, shampoo and deodorant.
Across the Big 5, toothpaste remains by far the largest category with an average penetration rate of 85.7%, according to Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD. In general terms, women are more assiduous in their oral care routine, with 86.5% using toothpaste in the average week compared with 85% of men.