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ETCFC noted that use of B20 is expected to result in the reduction of 90,000 grams per year of particulate matter, 900,000 grams per year of carbon monoxide and 2.25 million grams per year of nitrogen oxides.
Contact: Jonathan Overly, ETCFC, phone 865-974-3625
Contact: Jonathan Overly, ETCFC, phone 865-974-3625, website
According to ETCFC, the co-op is looking to gauge the community's reaction to the on-road B5 before trying the fuel in off-road diesel or fuel deliveries to customers.
ETCFC noted that Knoxville-based Regal Fuels is providing the co-op's B5.
ETCFC also announced that Sweetwater Valley Oil (SVO) has begun offering B5, a fuel blend of five percent biodiesel and 95 percent standard diesel, at its fueling station in Athens, TN.
ETCFC said the city plans to switch the fleet to B20, a blend of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent standard petroleum diesel, in the next few months.
According to ETCFC, a team of five ALCOA employees spent more than six months identifying issues and examining them prior to making the decision to switch to the alternative fuel.
In addition to opening the public B20 pump, ETCFC noted that Benton Oil has a 20,000-gallon tank at its main facility storing B100, or pure biodiesel.
According to ETCFC, Gatlinburg has already purchased 450 gallons of B5, a fuel blend of five percent biodiesel and 95 percent standard petroleum diesel, to fuel two diesel-powered trolleys, with plans to eventually fuel the trolleys, as well as the city's entire diesel fleet of 91 vehicles, with B10, a fuel blend of 10 percent biodiesel and 90 percent standard petroleum diesel.