ETCREnergy, Transport and Communication Regulations (Office of Economic Cooperation and Development)
ETCRExport Trade Certificate of Review (US DoC)
ETCREast Tennessee Cave Rescue (Knoxville, TN)
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There are over 600 former FARC fighters in the four ETCR zones located in the Cauca who are involved in program.
Caption: Andrea Illy of illycaffe with Walter Mendoza and Carlos Arturo Lopez of ETCR, along with representatives from Ascafe, at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in Colombia on 18 May 2018.
As regards market rigidities, we use the OECD indicator for employment protection legislation (EPL) for the labour market and the OECD indicator for regulation in energy, transport and communications (ETCR) for the product market.
In the end, we selected the maximum function of EPL and ETCR.
The indicator for product market regulation (ETCR) comes from the OECD 'International Regulation' database.
Rail as s business, 42nd Post graduate ETCR seminar in Brugge,Brugge
The place of railways in European integration, 42nd Post graduate ETCR seminar in Brugge, Brugge
Les indicateurs de rigidites de marches correspondent aux indicateurs de rigidites lies a la legislation sur la protection du travail (EPL) et a la reglementation du marche des biens et services (ETCR).
La statistique de Fisher du test d'egalite jointe et le [R.sup.2] de la regression sont tous deux maximaux pour une valeur du coefficient de capital TIC de 3 % si les rigidites sont representees par EPL et de 4 % si elles sont representees par ETCR (16).