ETCSElectronic Toll Collection System
ETCSElectronic Throttle Control System
ETCSEuropean Train Control System
ETCSElectronic Traction Control System (automobile mechanics)
ETCSEngineering, Technology, and Computer Science (various universities)
ETCSSenior Chief Electronics Technician (Naval Rating)
ETCSExpeditionary Tactical Communications System
ETCSExtension Technology and Computer Services (University of Missouri-Columbia)
ETCSElectrolytic Tin Coated Steel
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The project to ensure ETCS Level-II compliance is expected to cost around Rs12 billion.
The committee is calling for written submissions on areas including: the efficiency of Network Rail's planned roll-out of ERTMS and ETCS across the network; how realistic the proposed timings of Network Rail's 'Digital Railway' programme are and how these will be achieved; what legislative and other action the government could take to support the rate of change in signalling and traffic management technology; and whether timetable planning is suitably optimised to meet demand for both passenger and freight rail, and how traffic management technology can be used to improve this.
As such, IP/MPLS networks adhere to the strictest requirements for reliability, resiliency, performance and security, making them ideal for delivering applications such as PTC and ETCS where failure simply isn't an option.
This contract follows the successful proof of concept of Hitachi ETCS on a Class 97 Locomotive ('Verification-Train 3' trial) which tested interoperability with a separate supplier's groundside system in use on the Network Rail Cambrian Line infrastructure.
Starting with an overlay on the Great Western main line in the period of its next five-year plan from 2014 to 2019 and the southern end of the East Coast main line in the five years after that, ETCS will fundamentally change the way trains are controlled and run in mainland Britain.
UIC and the European Commission started in 1992 the ETCS project--European Train Control System.
She added that the Government must "lay down the law" and ensure that ETCS was introduced as soon as possible.
In addition, all new trains should, if possible, be fitted with ETCS when they are built.
The offering provides a complete range of ETCS-compliant wayside and onboard solutions, ETCS being one of the two main components of the ERTMS standard.
As part of the ETCS installation on this train, duplicate screens will be set up in the second cab position and passengers in the train will also be able to see the images, plus high-definition views front and back on 42-inch plasma screens.
Mr Burnett said: 'If ETCS is rolled out, very large sums of money will be committed to protecting against a risk that already ranks low in the list of killers on the rail network.
ETCS signals the future of railway signalling and speed control in Europe.