ETDAEast Timor Development Agency
ETDAExperiential Training and Development Alliance (Portland, OR)
ETDAEnvironmental Tactical Decision Aids
ETDAEuropean Technical Diving Association (Luxembourg)
ETDAEducation and Training Development Agenda (UK)
ETDAEmployment Technology Development Agency (Bangladesh; est. 1984)
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Erythrocyte extract obtained from one 250-mL erythrocyte concentrate was incubated with 100 g of DEAE 52-cellulose SERVACEL (Serva) equilibrated with TEAD buffer (20 mmol/L Tris/HCl, 1 mmol/L ETDA, 1 mmol/L Na[N.
The TP activities in buffy coat samples isolated from blood stored at room temperature in sodium citrate or in ETDA for variable lengths of time are shown in Fig.
ETDA is a public organization, part of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Royal Thai Government, Kingdom of Thailand.