ETDAEast Timor Development Agency
ETDAExperiential Training and Development Alliance (Portland, OR)
ETDAEuropean Technical Diving Association (Luxembourg)
ETDAEnvironmental Tactical Decision Aids
ETDAEducation and Training Development Agenda (UK)
ETDAEmployment Technology Development Agency (Bangladesh; est. 1984)
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Introducing a variety of IT equipment required to implement cybersecurity exercises in the classroom, server room and offices of the ETDA.
ETDA was set up as the main agency responsible for developing, promoting and supporting secure online transactions in Thailand.
A study by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA, 2013) revealed that Thai Internet users who spend less than 11 hours per week online account for 35.7 per cent; those who spend between 11 - 20 hours per week online make up 25.8 per cent; 10.7 per cent of Thai users spend 21 - 41 hours on the Internet weekly; and 27.8 per cent spend more than 41 hours weekly.
ETDA. (2013), "Thailand Internet User Profile 2013", ETDA, 15/05/2014, from 1.13.pdf
Sodium [C.sub.14-16] olefin sulfonate, 40%) 25.0 Mackanate EL (McIntyre) 15.0 (disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, 40%) Makamide CPA (McIntyre) 3.0 (cocamide MIPA) Mackernium 007 (McIntyre) 6.0 (polyquaternium 7, 9.2%) Mackalene 426 (McIntyre) 8.0 (isostearamidopropyl morpholine lactate, 25%) Mackester EGDS (McIntyre) 1.5 (ethylene glycol distearate) ETDA (40%) 0.2 Paragon MEPB (McIntyre) q.s.
Sodium alkyl [C.sub.10-16] 12.0 (glyceryl sulfonate, 50%) Mackanate EL (McIntyre) 20.0 (disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, 40%) Mackalene 426 (McIntyre) 6.0 (isostearamidopropyl morpholine lactate, 25%) Mackernium 007 (McIntyre) 4.0 (polyquaternium-7, 9.2%) Mackamide CPA (McIntyre) 4.0 (cocamide MIPA) Mackester EGDS 1.5 (ethylene glycol distearate) ETDA (40%) 0.2 Phenagon PDI (McIntyre) q.s.
These films then are patterned and etched using a saturated solution of ETDA.
Both ETDA and ginsenoside R[b.sub.3] standards showed no reducing power, and a low reducing power was found for the other treatments.
Erythrocyte extract obtained from one 250-mL erythrocyte concentrate was incubated with 100 g of DEAE 52-cellulose SERVACEL (Serva) equilibrated with TEAD buffer (20 mmol/L Tris/HCl, 1 mmol/L ETDA, 1 mmol/L Na[N.sub.3], 1 mmol/L dithiothreitol; pH 7.5) for 15 min at 4[degrees]C and then washed on a Buchner funnel with 1000 mL of TEAD buffer, and bound proteins were eluted with 500 mL of 500 mmol/L NaCl dissolved in TEAD buffer.
The TP activities in buffy coat samples isolated from blood stored at room temperature in sodium citrate or in ETDA for variable lengths of time are shown in Fig.