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For example as of February 29, 2008, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), which publishes EC, had approximately 38,111 members; The Division for Learning Disabilities of CEC, which publishes LDRP, had 6,098 members; The Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, which publishes BD, had 4,659 members; The Division for Research, which publishes JSE, had 1,322 members; The Division for Developmental Disabilities, which publishes ETDD, had 3,330 members; and Technology and Media Division, which publishes, JSET had 948 members.
Disability specific journals (e.g., Council for Exceptional Children Division journals such as ETDD, LDRP, and BD) obviously publish more research with targeted populations.
Many more intervention studies in some journals employed single-subject research designs (e.g., ETDD, ETC, and BD), while some journals published more commentaries, position papers, or editorials (e.g., BD, RASE, and LDQ).