ETDSEnvironmental Terminology and Discovery Service (European Environment Agency)
ETDSExtreme Trump Derangement Syndrome
ETDSEuropean Tournament for Dancing Students
ETDSErgodic Theory and Dynamical Systems (journal)
ETDSElectronic Theses and Dissertations Service (various locations)
ETDSEnhanced Target Delivery System (missile defense)
ETDSEdmonds Technical Diving Service (Edmonds, WA)
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ETDs also faced a shortage of beds in the Yellow and Red zones as well as Observation Wards/Bays due to the increase in number of patients, forcing them to arrange between eight to 50 units of extra beds and sofas, which is two to five times the current capacity.
ETDs through this project, and what better time to launch than ahead of this important U.K.
Implant Sciences is a manufacturer of explosives trace detection (ETD) solutions for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) applications.
The mission said in a press statement that it had to issue over 250 Emergency Travel Documents (ETD) during 2013-14, a third of which could have been avoided if closer attention was paid to the passports.
As far as the importance of developing such a tool specifically for ETDs, Dowling says, "I wasn't terribly satisfied with search options for Open Access theses and dissertations--no single tool does a particularly good job of searching this material." As far as potential users of the OATD, he explains, "There are times when students or researchers are researching all of the literature on a particular subject ...
(2001), in their study of the Korean Institute of Technology Information (KISTI), found a significant increase in the use of ETDs, adding that that most users appear to be domestic users along with users from many other countries.
Question ten asks whether the approved ETDs are uploaded to the vendor and/or server (a) singly, as they are completed; (b) all at once, as a batch; or (c) other (please specify).
After its receiving university has accepted it, the electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) is forwarded to UMI, which then creates an Adobe Acrobat version of the file that it provides to the supplying university.
With the appearance of Adobe's Acrobat software and Portable Document Format (PDF) in the early 1990s it became clear that students could easily prepare their own ETDs, and that the inherent complexities of SGML could be avoided where ETDs are concerned.