ETDZEconomic and Technological Development Zones (China)
ETDZEconomic and Trade Development Zone (China)
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Comments (optional)- Construction of: (a) (i) a green transport corridor between Linshui County s urban core and Linshui Economic and Technology Development Zone (ETDZ) and (ii) a linkage to the highway connecting Guang an City to Chongqing at the southeastern section of the Linshui ETDZ, consisting of selected roads with associated installations, including public transport and facilities, urban greenery and
Suqian ETDZ is a national-level development zone that accounted for more than 12.
The new lease agreements includes : 17,000 sqm (183,000 sq ft) to China Vanke (Vanke), at GLP Park Xi an ETDZ, Xi an, Midwestern China.