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ETECSAEmpresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba, SA (Cuban phone company)
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ETECSA provides public telecommunications services throughout the territory of the Republic of Cuba.
The opportunity to work with organisations such as ETECSA that are consistently looking for ways to bring more reliable connectivity to their people is incredibly rewarding, said Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks.
c) Division Territorial Santiago de Cuba (DTSC), ETECSA, Cuba, humberto.
The delegation held meetings with members of the Cuban government, ETECSA, and independent Cuban bloggers.
the plaintiffs have overcome the presumption that ETECSA is a juridical
In December 2003, the Cuban government began a crackdown on unauthorized Internet usage, ordering the state telephone monopoly ETECSA to stop illegal access.
Alejandre // was vacated on appeal when the Eleventh Circuit found that ETECSA was not an agency or instrumentality of Cuba and therefore not within 28 U.
289) The court concluded that the debts were owed to ETECSA and not to the government of Cuba.
Although in 2009 ETECSA stated that it would work with the government to increase teledensity in poorly served areas of the capital, by early 2011 it was estimated that fixed line teledensity was still the lowest in the region, at little more than 12%.
The company has finally made the leap and become the first internet company to set up servers in the country - the company inked a deal with Cuba's national telecom authority ETECSA in December to set up Wi-Fi and broadband.
But then, May 25 raid by State Security agents, police and employees of the state-owned ETECSA telecommunications monopoly seized several computers and powerful Wi-Fi signal boosters, and shut down the network, reports The Miami Herald (June 17, 2014):
Such users risk having ETECSA cut off their web sessions, he added, if it deems they "violated any of the ethical norms of behavior which the Cuban state has established.