ETEMEMG (Electromyographic) Triggered Electrical Myostimulation (stroke rehabilitation)
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HD patients were enrolled into an exercise training program combined with ETEM in the first two hours of HD session during a 12 weeks single-center prospective study.
For example, scientists can observe changes in atomic structure at the surface of ceria catalyst nanoparticles in response to temperature changes during the catalytic oxidation of hydrogen using the Titan ETEM," says Greiser.
The Titan ETEM will be the cornerstone of a new facility that is associated with Stanford's Nanocharacterization Laboratory.
The Titan ETEM at Stanford will also be equipped with a spherical aberration image corrector and a monochromator, permitting direct viewing and analysis of interactions between the sample and its environment at the atomic scale.
We plan to continue to expand on the platform's fundamental leadership characteristics, enabling a range of new pioneering applications, such as the ETEM capability on the Stanford Titan system," said Dominique Hubert, FEI's vice president and general manager, Research Division.
The Family includes: the Titan 80-300 S/TEM for materials research; the Titan Cubed, which includes an environmental enclosure for added stability; the Titan ETEM, which permits a gaseous sample environment; and the Titan Krios, specifically designed to examine biological samples at cryogenic temperatures.
The Titan ETEM is the premier solution for chemical research at the atomic scale, and is a significant advance for studying materials and processes of importance in the fields of energy and environment.
The ETEM lets us look directly at the fundamental, atomic scale mechanisms of our catalytic processes," said Dr.
FEI's Dominique Hubert, vice president and general manager, Research Division, adds, "The Titan is the first and only ETEM solution for studying nanoscale processes with atomic detail in a spherical aberration-corrected S/TEM.
As a member of the Titan family, the Titan ETEM benefits from all of the extraordinary technological developments that have made it the world's most powerful TEM, and the first choice of premier researchers and institutions.
The Titan ETEM is available for purchase now and shipments begin in Q1 2009.
This research is attempting to examine the effectiveness in the application of ICT (information and communication technology) and standardize courseware in ETeMS (English for Teaching Mathematics and Science) or PPSMI (Pengajaran and Pembelajaran Sains and Matematic dalam Bahasa Inggeris) in English program in the Malaysian secondary school system.