ETEMEMG (Electromyographic) Triggered Electrical Myostimulation (stroke rehabilitation)
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As announced earlier this year, Etem Bulgaria will outsource production of extruded aluminum profiles and their further processing in two separate subsidiaries.
Menarini came to Turkey in 2001 when it acquired Ibrahim Etem, a historical company established in 1903, later to become Ibrahim Etem Menarini.
Etem, "Effects of maternal hyperhomocysteinemia induced by high methionine diet on the learning and memory performance in offspring," International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, vol.
Hasan MAYDA (1), Ahmet AHSEN (2), Erman BAGCIOGLU (1), Ahmet OZTURK (3), Bulent BAHCECI (4), Etem SOYUCOK (3), Erol BASPINAR (1), Memnune Sena ULU (2)
If Etem Menderes and Namik Gedik were ministers, it was only because of their close friendships with Menderes.
Etem Geyik, the glassblower from Istanbul, has been into this art since he was 15.
Mark Etem, the program's director, explained that Catalyze CU is a nine-week startup accelerator that combines mentorship with equity-free grants for students and faculty.
FINDIK - Turkey's national mountaineer who has scaled K-2 and many other peaks in Pakistan; Mehmet OKUTAN - leading fashion and cultural photographer; and Fethi ETEM - Turkey's Deputy Head of Mission in Prague and former Consul General in Karachi.
That same month, a local anti-GMO crusade was given a boost when Etem Iteso, a popular pressure group, walked to parliament with a 400-page petition complete with 20,000 signatures demanding a total ban of GMOs in the country.
Hasan Akarcay, 57, aka Hassan Etem and Ibrahim Etem, is wanted by for suspected heroin dealing.