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Close to 1,200 interactive figures were published in his two eTexts to make learning more engaging for students.
While the eText explains that Steve Biko is the "father of Black Consciousness," it also defines Black Consciousness as a global experience and notes that "all materials in the course will be examined from an African-centered perspective" (Lo, 2016a).
This eminently helpful etext provides complete and quick direction for the various aspects of the research and report process.
This study used qualitative research methodology to explore students' use of a digital algebra textbook via a supported eText player (ReadHear) to learn the Algebra 1 curriculum.
This was of course well before ETexts became a widely available option from publishers.
Therefore, the goal of the KY Math Etext Project research was to conduct a case study to determine:
Internet2, publisher McGraw-Hill and digital textbooks provider Courseload announced on Wednesday implementation of an eText Pilot Trial Pack to students and faculty at five universities for the spring 2012 semester.
(2) The sense of meaningless, despair and bleakness which is characteristic of much modernist literature is reflective of 'a world threatened by disintegration': this is the description of Albert Camus in his Nobel speech, and as a representative of a later generation of modernists, he offers the following understanding of the disillusionment of the age: 'I think that we should understand--without ceasing to fight it--the error of those who in an excess of despair have asserted their right to dishonour and have rushed into the nihilism of the era' (Camus, 1957: etext).
For example, Anderson-Inman and her colleagues from the National Center for Supported eText (NCSeT) have undertaken a sustained line of research in support of the concept of supported electronic text (eText).
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