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ETFEEthylene/Tetrafluoroethylene Copolymer
ETFEEmpirical Transfer Function Estimate (mathematics)
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The shutdown did not affect the power supply chain during elections due to the low demand brought about by the declaration of a special non-working holiday, which usually resulted in reduced electricity requirements from the consumers," the ETFE explained to PNA.
The project saw 860 square metres of extruded Dyneon ETFE used for an umbrella-style roofing structure.
LH-8000 has chemical resistance and electrical and non-stick properties equivalent to conventional ETFE resins.
Fluon ETFE is a melt-processable copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene for a variety of applications, including wire and cable coatings; semiconductor and electronic components; valves, fittings and pump housings; and tubing and pipe.
A full-scale ETFE inflatable beam was fabricated and the deflections at three points under bending are measured; the layouts of the test rig and the measuring points are shown in Figure 1.
Approximately 25,000 square meters of AGC's 0.25 mm-thick Fluon'ETFE Film is used across Arena Pernambuco's entire exterior faade.
Enhanced conduction-corrected modified effective temperature (ETFe) [24] and universal effective temperature (ETU) [25] are thermal environment evaluation indices that examine outdoor space and take solar radiation and heat conduction as environmental factors.
From the beginning of modern system identification and signal processing, many nonparametric methods in frequency domain have been proposed, such as ETFE [1], power spectrum estimation [2], and so on.
"We have made use of modern materials, for instance ETFE (ethylene/tetrafluoroethylene copolymer), which could facilitate filtering the light with transparent and kinetic artwork to add a kaleidoscopic effect to the beam of light," says Emery.