ETFFEthiopian Tree Fund Foundation (Virginia)
ETFFEast Tennessee Fly Fishing
ETFFExtension of Telecommunications Facilities Fund (Arkansas)
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ETFF: You've said that near the dawn of agriculture and the domestication of animals there was a change, that at this point in human history, we entered a truly new era.
ETFF: Are there similarities concerning sexual and related attitudes between Americans and similar cultures in, say, Europe where you live now?
ETFF: What is meant by "natural?" Are we in this mess today because we've moved away from what is natural, or is everything natural because we are, after all, part of nature and thus our innovations are natural?
ETFF: Perhaps we're just not very experienced at this society thing yet.
ETFF: In a talk you gave in 2005 you said, "My fondest wish is that ultimately we will see streaming video from every planet with associated commentary and explanatory computer graphics piped into vast banks of television screens in shopping malls, supermarkets, and concert halls, so these mythic accomplishments of extending our senses in visiting other worlds will become as much of the fabric of society as Oprah." And then you go on to say, "I think this kind of media blitz would be a much needed antidote to the constant reminder of bad news and human failure that we see all the time on television and could be an equally constant countervailing reminder of the good and the glorious that we can achieve if we put our minds to it."
ETFF: As you said, you've seen all kinds of things that are "rewriting-the-textbooks." Apparently the Cassini mission has brought us tantalizingly close to seeing conditions that could support life outside Earth.
ETFF: Can we tell if the stuff being projected out by those jets is water?
ETFF: Concerns have been raised that Cassini was a project that was very high-risk in terms of what could have happened had there been an explosion at launch.
ETFF: One of the most striking portraits you paint in Righteous is of a woman in this movement named Judy.
ETFF: And this is one of those quickly growing churches in Seattle?
ETFF: Tell us about the "relational evangelism" you describe in your book.
ETFF: Let's look at a different face of this movement: the newly founded Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.