ETHIEstablezimendu Turistiko Hartzaileen Inkesta (Basque)
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A Conservative MP challenged the commissioner's claim that the NDP's behaviour was under the jurisdiction of Elections Canada, rather than falling under the mandate of the CIEC (5th meeting of ETHI, 41st Parliament: 5).
(B.) microplus Ciper + Propriedade ethi (4) Ami + clor 01 NT NT 02 NT NT 03 NT NT 04 NT NT 05 NT NT 06 NT 100% 07 48% 100% 08 100% NT 09 75% NT 10 100% NT 11 99% NT 12 97% NT 13 60,8% NT 14 NT NT 15 NT NT 16 NT NT 17 0 NT 18 90,6% NT 19 100% NT 20 NT NT o grau de eficiencia para este principio foi calculado por meio da media de eficiencia obtida de diferentes formulacoes comerciais.
Uma ethi uyathubeleza le eGoli uzingelwa njengenyamazane kunjalo nje akukho mpatho, umuntu uphathiswa okomgodoyi (p.
The Board will be financed by fees paid by public companies and will establish audit, ethi cs and independence requirements for accounting firms (with SEC oversight).
(13) The main champion of the view that all such factors--social institutions and practices, conventions, ethi, and personal conduct--should be pressed in the service of promoting a just distribution so understood is G.
Carey Jackson outline wise clinical guidelines--based on advice gleaned from their Eritrean, Somalian and Ethi opian patients--for avoiding misconceptions and hurt feelings.
(18) Nikiforov begins with moral philosophy -- in this case, with Bakhtin's insistence on an ethi cally uncompromised, irreversible, radically answerable 'step taken' (postupok) appropriate to the lost individual in a ruined post-Great War world -- and from the urgency of that search he deduces Bakhtin's exaggerated claim, in the 1929 Dostoevsky book, that Dostoevsky's heroes exist in a vacuum, that they have no personal histories, that they confront eternal questions in no-time and no-space, and that they circulate in a text where 'plot ...
Adrian Hastings makes the point: "It is rather that there is such a rich spectrum of diversity and that any consistent categorization is either too complex to fulfill its purpose or simply misleading in being based on a too selective approach to the characteristic forms of church life." He further points out that even the terms "Zion" and "Ethiopia" are not mutually exclusive: "Zion is of course Jerusalem, but it is a Jerusalem somehow realized here in Africa, and what is Ethi opia but par excellence such a Zion?" [25]
And perhaps this is the fundamental dilemma - that what we need in order to preserve the necessary ethical basis of society is not so much the protection of plurality as the protection of a common ethi cal space against the attacks of this pluralist society's powerful vested interests.
The Country of the Pointed Firs, usually read as static local color fiction, uses travel to mark key women characters and promote "an ethi cal perspective of involvement with the larger community" (68).