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ETHICSEffective Technical and Human Implementation of Computer-based Systems
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"D'ye know, Hump," he said, with a slow seriousness which had in it an indefinable strain of sadness, "that this is the first time I have heard the word 'ethics' in the mouth of a man.
"At one time in my life," he continued, after another pause, "I dreamed that I might some day talk with men who used such language, that I might lift myself out of the place in life in which I had been born, and hold conversation and mingle with men who talked about just such things as ethics. And this is the first time I have ever heard the word pronounced.
But I did get something out of his Data of Ethics. There's where I ran across 'altruism,' and I remember now how it was used."
Ostensibly it is merely a continuation of the Ethics, but it comes to treat political questions from a purely political standpoint.
Nicomachean Ethics, 1819; mainly from text of Bekker, by D.
"Remember, I am enunciating biology and not sentimental ethics. No state of slaves can stand - "
Like the ancient Sophists, he relegates the more important principles of ethics to custom and probability.
The committee is staffed by the Bar's Ethics Department.
There are three major traditions in ethical thought: virtue ethics, deontological ethics and utilitarian ethics.
ACCA's partnership with these organisations emphasises its commitment to ethics and professionalism.
The 'welcome address' was delivered by Ehsan Malik Chief Executive Officer, The Pakistan Business Council who shared PBC's views on ethics and its impact on businesses, ' Professional ethics should underpin all corporate activity, as the foundation stone of trust and exchange.