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ETICSeInfrastructure for Testing, Integration, and Configuration of Software (EU project)
ETICSEmbedded Tactical Information Control System
ETICSExternal Thermal Insulating Composite Systems
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To monitor the distribution of the temperature at different positions and structural layers along the horizontal and vertical directions of the test wall surface, the strain gauges and temperature sensors in preparing ETICS GHB should be installed at the same positions as the concrete base, the insulating layer (outer surface), and the finishing coat.
Altogether the test chamber can reproduce the damage to ETICS in a few weeks that occur over many years outdoors, where the range of simulated temperature is from -25[degrees]C to 100[degrees]C and the range of simulated rainwater temperature is 10[degrees]C to 20[degrees]C with the precision of [+ or -]1.
It is noted that the KFG series strain gauges were mainly laid out in the internal structures of the ETICS to make high waterproof and moisture-resistant performance.
The cured ETICS GHB test specimens were placed inside the large-scale weathering test chamber.
Besides the proposed innovative expert-knowledge management system specifically tailored for ETICS in walls, this paper presents the statistical evaluation of the results of an inspection program of ETICS, that is unprecedented in the literature in terms of size of the sample analysed, scope of the analysis (pathology, diagnosis and rehabilitation) and systemic approach to data collection and analysis.
The sample consisted of 14 buildings/sets of buildings comprising 146 facades coated with ETICS aged from 3 to 22 years, in which 476 anomalies were registered.
Since ETICS were most frequently used in Portugal to comply with buildings' thermal comfort regulations, this system is mostly found in the north, where it is cooler.
Having initially launched the system in Europe over 60 years ago, Caparol is now present in the Middle-east for almost 20 years and is equipped to assist clients, consultants, architects, and applicators in designing, specifying, and installing the Capatect ETICS system.
Caparol Paints develops, produces and markets high quality paints, enamels, decorative and structural coatings as well as energy-saving Capatect ETICS system, it stated.
Through ETICS we hope to improve the temperature within a structure while the external faAaAaAeAoade traps the incoming heat.
Installing ETICS can contribute to reducing thermal transmission through a building's exterior.
ETICS will have advanced energy saving results," Balish concluded.