ETIPEstate Tax Inclusion Period
ETIPEmployer Training Investment Program (Illinois)
ETIPEnglish Tourism Intelligence Partnership (London, UK)
ETIPEducation Technology Improvement Plan (Navajo Education Technology Consortium)
ETIPEuropean Technology Information Program (est. 1998)
ETIPEnergy Technology Innovation Policy (JFK School of Government, Harvard University)
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ETIP is part of a broader line-up of national initiatives that have been developed according to ADDED's continuing commitment to help accelerate Abu Dhabi's economic growth and increase its global competitiveness.
He added that industry experts had carefully developed ETIP after thoroughly evaluating the usage, needs, and implications of various tariff ranges across key categories.
These offensives have been conducted by a coalition of Syrian Islamist rebel forces including contingents from Jabhat al-Nusra, Harakat Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Fath, Ajnad al-Sham, and allied groups like the ETIP. Rather than sending waves of suicide bombers, as ISIS began to do in late 2015 when faced with increasing battlefield pressures, Jabhat al-Nusra is currently using strategic suicide bombings to open up new pushes into regime-held territory as a way of softening up key positions before assaults by rebel infantry and armored units.
Seyfullah, v prekladu "Bozi mec") vyjmenovava nektere vojenske akce provedene "mudzahediny" ETIP na uzemi Sin-tiangu a na jinych mistech Ciny.
If the trust is intended to qualify for the marital deduction (apparently, other than if a reverse QTIP election is used), the valuation of property for purpose of the ETIP rule is generally delayed until G or S dies because the property would have been included in S's estate if she died during the ETIP.
(1gh) Thus, an ETIP includes the period during which, if death occurred, the property being transferred would be included in the estate (other than by reason of the gifts within three years of death rule of IRC Section 2035) of the transferor or the spouse of the transferor.
In April 2009, the Treasury Department designated Abdul Haq (aka Abdul Heq), a Uighur born in Xinjiang and leader of the East Turkistan Islamic Party (ETIP), another name for ETIM, as an individual targeted under E.O.
Complex trusts, such as qualified personal residence trusts and grantor retained annuity trusts, pose the additional problem of the estate tax inclusion period (ETIP).
Students were also taught with the technology integration eTIP Cases, which were developed for each content area.
Grantor Retained Income, Annuity, and Unitrust ETIP
If a gift is made subject to an estate tax inclusion period (37) (ETIP), and such gift is split by the donor spouse and nondonor spouse pursuant to [section] 2513 of the Code, no allocation of GST tax exemption is made at the time the gift is reported.
This sentiment was echoed by 25 of 28students (89.3%) surveyed by independent ETIP project evaluator Dr.