ETJEnglish Teachers in Japan
ETJE Të Tjera (Albanian: And So On)
ETJElectronic Training Jacket
ETJExtended Territorial Jurisdiction
ETJEvoked Tongue Jerks (reflexes)
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The initial release has limited functionality by design and will display only a portion of a Sailor's ETJ in a read-only mode.
Our prior research interviewing 25 key informants and 18 private-well owners in ETJ areas in four N.C.
“When people visit with us about a project, the first thing we do is check to see if the property is located in the Pflugerville City limits or the Pflugerville ETJ to confirm that we have the capability of collaborating with that buyer.
(24.) Rathinam SRDO, Cunningham ETJ. Infectious causes of uveitis in the developing world.
where j is strip number, [I.sub.j] is intensity in strip j, [R.sub.ref] is reference distance, [R.sub.j] is distance in strip j, [E.sub.Tref] is the transmitted reference pulse energy and ETj is the transmitted pulse energy for strip j (Ahokas et al.
The first step taken by the City of Terrell was to support state legislation in 2005 and 2007 that created a special utility district within the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).
A follow-on effort will merge the ESR with the Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ), providing Sailors with a single Web-based view of personnel and training history.
L'espace reunionnais est, a cet egard, caracterise par un certain paradoxe car les residus sont negatifs lorsque i etj concernent les communes du cadran Nord-Ouest ou la pression et la congestion routiere sont pourtant les plus elevees.
t ma n w g a so wor 10.t9ou2 newingathe:p r Good to have your e cent n,tentelad you etj.y d ChriheMenh.
In September, PMW 240 released its second mobile application, Domestic Violence Prevention, which allows users to complete the Domestic Violence Prevention General Military Training (GMT) course, and send their results directly to their Electric Training Jacket (ETJ).