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ETKEmbedded Tool Kit
ETKEasy Tool Kit
ETKErsatzteilkatalog (German: spare parts catalog)
ETKEmbedded Toolkit
ETKEuroopan Terveet Koulut (Finnish: European Healthy Schools; EU)
ETKExpected Time to Kill
ETKErdos - Turan - Koksma Inequality
ETKElite Teutonic Knight (role playing)
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Se observan diferencias significativas entre el Grupo C vs EP (a, p<0,001); entre los grupos C vs EP-ETK (b, p<0,05) y; entre los grupos EP vs ETK., (c, p<0,001) (B) Microfotografias representativas del area CA3c del Hipocampo de los grupos C, EP y EP-ETK.
6b), the ETAS RP device receives the needed input signals for the low-throughput heat release model from the ECU via ETK (see Fig.
LGG (10) 51 DCE-MRI (ETK model; (2013) [47] HGG (23) ROI-based analysis), DWI Zhao et al.
oktoobrist 1918 kuni ETK valjakuulutamiseni) valjaantud dekreetidega, mis oma uldsonalisuses jatsid sarnaselt Vene enamlaste maarustega laiad tolgendamisvoimalused.
The framework cooperation agreement was signed by Russian Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Association head Aleksandr Shokhin and Estonian Employers Confederation (ETK) head Enn Veskimagi.
Glossary ALMPs Active labour market policies ATO Australian tax office BIS Basic income support CAPB Cyclically-adjusted primary balance DIT Dual income tax ECB European Central Bank EPL Employment protection legislation EMU European Monetary Union ETK Finnish Centre for Pensions FIN-FSA Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority GDP Gross domestic product HECS Australia's higher education contribution scheme HELP Higher education loan programme ICT Information and communication technology KELA Social insurance institution LAFOS Labour force service centres LMS Labour market support MEE Ministry of Employment and the Economy PES Public Employment Service R&D Research and development SATA Social Security Reform Committee SGP Stability and Growth Pact VAT Value added tax Notes
The new functions were specified step by step with ASCET and then tested with the ES1000 rapid prototyping system, which was connected to the ECU microprocessor's data and address lines, through an ETAS parallel memory emulator (ETK).
(46) Haaveli arvates on ETK kauplusekettide edu kaupmeeste-le hea-ks julgustuse-ks ...
Mixing statistical extrapolations with magnetic-field data from the last four solar cycles, a team led by Leif Svalgaard of ETK (a Houston-based consulting firm) reported in 2005 that the strength of the Sun's polar magnetic field during a cycle's decline is directly related to the strength of the next cycle's peak.
It is intending to restyle its brand and name itself ETK, or ETC, an abbreviation of Yeniseitelecom, Russia's Prime-Tass news agency reported.
The nutritional status of thiamin is assessed by the erythrocyte transketolase (ETK) assay.