ETKFEnsemble Transform Kalman Filter
ETKFEuropean Traditional Karate Federation
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In the extratropics, the widely used adjoint, SV, and ensemble transform Kalman filter (ETKF) products commonly identified baroclinic zones and jet features as targets, though smaller-scale aspects differed.
More refined versions of the targeting techniques were used, including SVs with norms based on analysis errors, adjoint models that included moisture, observation sensitivity, and an upgraded ETKF. In 2006, a THORPEX component of the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA) was aimed at improving forecasts of African rainfall and easterly waves that may lead to tropical cyclogenesis.
(1998); (SVs) structures that grow Buizza and Montani optimally from time (2002) [t.sub.a] into a selected verification region at time [t.sub.v] Several analysis and verification metrics are possible, the most common being total energy at both times Advances include analysis error covariance SVs, which incorporate analysis error estimates Ensemble Uses ensemble forecasts to Bishop and Toth transform (ET) estimate the reduction in (1999) technique forecast error variance at time [t.sub.v], based on changes to the analysis error variance at time [t.sub.a] Theoretically equivalent to a special case of the ETKF Ensemble Uses an ensemble-based Bishop et al.