ETLAExtended Tape Library Architecture
ETLAExtended Three Letter Acronym
ETLAElinkeinoelämän Tutkimuslaitos (Reseach Insitute of the Finnish Economy)
ETLAExtended Tape Library Architecture (Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks)
ETLAElectronic Tax Law Assistance
ETLAEast Tennessee Library Association (Knoxville, TN)
ETLAElectric Transport in Latin America (online resource)
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Table 2: Breakdown of the product's [euro]546 [+ tax] retail price circa 2007 Physical components [euro]178 33 Processors [euro]34 6 Other integrated circuits [euro]32 6 Memories [euro]15 3 Display [euro]22 4 Main camera (5 mill, pixels) [euro]17 3 Other physical components [euro]59 11 Licenses and software [euro]21 4 Nokia's value added [euro]269 49 Internal support functions [euro]169 31 Operating profit [euro]89 16 Final assembly [euro]11 2 Distribution and retailing [euro]79 14 Distribution [euro]19 4 Retailing [euro]60 11 Notes: Nokia's internal support functions include its innovation, advertising, design, marketing, legal, and management costs, as well as depreciation and Investments Source: ETLA.
The ETLA study found that physical goods with embedded software are having an important role in the services business of manufacturing companies.
Marjanen (2003), "Wage Settlements and Wage Drift: New Scene of Income Policy", ETLA, Serie B 202, Helsinki, www.
The ETF is registered in Ireland and has been listed on both the Irish Stock Exchange (TICKER: ETLA ID) and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (TICKER: NUKE NA).
Tenders are invited for ADOBE ETLA Licensing Agreement (acquisition, renewal and update).
2002), "The Equilibrium Rate of Unemployment and Policies to Lower it: the Case of Finland", ETLA Discussion Paper, No.
Contract notice: Subscription of ADOBE licenses corresponding to Services of the different Service Directorates that make up the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, based on an ETLA agreement.
According to ETLA, Finland's GDP growth rate in 2005 would be between 1.
Contract includes the following services: - Adobe CLP / TLP resale agreements and related services, - Adobe ELA / ETLA resale agreements and related services, - Adobe VIP (Cloud) resale agreements and related services, as well as possible during the period from Adobe Framework published by the new contract models Municipality of purchases, Adobe and later, together with the supplier in accordance with the terms agreed.
Fornitura di licenze di prodotti software Adobe, in noleggio e manutenzione, in contratto ETLA triennale 2016-2018.
ETLA reportedly kept its 2005 gross domestic product (GDP) growth estimate at 3.
ETLA believes that the Finnish incomes policy resolution was "reasonable" but said that it would contribute to the weakening of purchasing power, as the proposed tax cuts would not be enough to lighten the tax burden on the whole, reported the Finnish news agency STT.